chapter one -Stefan

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Your pov:
Stefan had invited you over for a sleepover at his house so right now you were filling your duffel bag with pajamas and clothes for the next day. He told you he would take care of drinks, snacks and movies.

You finished packing and head downstairs where Damon and Elena were cuddling on the couch watching a movie.

"So having a sleep over at stefans' huh?" Elena teased as you rolle your eyes at your sister. She been teasing you about it all week.

"We're just going to be watching movies and cuddling thats it." You assured her.

"Yeah if you say so." Damon chimed in.

"Shut it Salvatore." You said as he laughed.

Your phone soon vibrated letting you know you had a text.

Hey babe, I'm outside.

Okay,  you texted back.

You said goodbye to the couple and went out seeing Stefan waiting for you.

"Hey." He greeted you.

"Hey." You replied back.

You sat your things in the back seat and climbed upfront with stefan.

"Uncle zach is away on business so it'll just be us." Stefan explained to you.

"Okay, sounds okay."

Stefan drove off and yu bith sat in a peacefuk silence. You reached the boarding house and Stefan parked the car.

"I'll carry your bag for you." He says.

"What a gentleman." You teased.

He grabbed your dufflebag and u went in with your fingers laced together.

As you walked in by the living room you noticed stefan had sleeping bags all layed out on the floor a stand of food and drinks set up.

"Stefan you didn't have to do all this." You said in fondness.

"Of course i did my girlfriend deserves the best." He smiles down at you,grinning from ear to ear.

"So where do I put my stuff?" You ask.

"Just set it by the purple sleeping bag." He replies

"Well it is only seven so i ordered pizza and its over there cooling, what movie do you want to watch first: The outsiders, Pitch Perfect or Fast and the furious 7?" He asked holding each dvd up.

"The outsiders duh." You said in an obvious tone.

"How  could I forget we always watch it when I come over." He points out. You just shook your head and laughed.

Stefan got plates and sat two pieces of pizza each onto a plate and came back over sitting next to you on the blankets.

"Thank you."

"Your welome." He says poping the dvd in.

He pushed play and we ate as the credits rolled onto screen.

You got comfortable and laid your head on his chest as he wrapped an arm around you.It was your favorite position to lay in.

The movie was playing and you were so happy just to be here with your boyfriend of eight months. You were starting to doze of though and you were on the scene where ponyboy and johnny were saving those kids from a fire.

"You sleepy sherryl?" Stefan asked amused.

"Yeah i got up early." You replied.

You paused the movie so you both could put pjs on,stefan led you to his bathroom to let you change and he went to damons. You pulled your pj matching set that was pink. You put your brown hair up into a messy bun and slipped slippers on.

You came back and stefan was shirtles with just plaid pajama bottoms on, you couldnt help but stare at his tone abs

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You came back and stefan was shirtles with just plaid pajama bottoms on, you couldnt help but stare at his tone abs.

"Enjoying the view? He asked flirtatiously.

You blushed like a tomato. "As a matter a fact iam." You flirted back.

Stefan came towaeds you as your heart started beating faster. He brought you closer and your lips touched as you both began kissing.he layed you down on the sleeping bag amd hovered over you as he went back to kissing you, he swiped his tongue over your lip asking for entrance, you oblidged.your tongues glided together smoothly but it was getting to heated for your liking.

"Stefan, uh..we need to slow down." You said.

"Im sorry." He says.

"Its okay lets finish watching the movie." He nodded in agreement.

You both finished the movie an hour later and started on Pitch Perfect but it was late and you both were tired.

Stefan set up the sleeping bags to where it was comfortable he shut the kight amd tv off amd cuddled agaisnt both were out in minutes.

Sorry if this sucked.

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