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                                                                                                            Preston Wheeler


We all probably share some kind of enemy for most at my middle school its Joseph Kony. I agree that the US government should get involved, but we all have a number one enemy. No its not the guy everyone hates for being different its ourselves we in the US are use to luxuries even if were lower-classed and yes I love this country but we all criticize, disparage and censure other countries and people. Most are likely thinking by this point “Is he talking about everyone, me, or to one person? This is a statement to anyone that has to even think about this.


I highly reject the fact that a parent will allow their own child to call others fat, ugly, and stupid… In fact many parents laugh with their children when they see something as silly as a fat jogger. Allow me to ask you a question please?

What about you take a look at yourself mean, paltry, and nasty. Do you look even remotely like that person well of course you do we are all one population, race. Etc.

We are truly as evil as criminals not in such a direct way but think about it? We judge for no apparent reason and laugh at those weaker than us, and why do you suffer consequences that most claim are unfair for a simple insult well think about its sort of a system to stop you from continuing this act.


You know the people in Hollywood are rich? So are we, we have clothes, clean water, shelter, food surplus, and a place to call home. Some people don’t even have one of these things. To those people our celebrities live like gods and we live like kings. Obviously it is too much to ask for us to trade but why is there war in the world? Think long and hard about it.

Yes because of arguments between people who can wage the wars but don’t have to face the families or people suffering from it, yes I mean on both sides. I like that we have a good army but is it necessary to kill? Why not stun or capture a percentage, because even though some kids in the countries we fight wish they were dead leave them a mom or a dad? Is that really to much to ask?


To everyone reading this I leave you a job to do go 1 day 1 month 1 week start small work bigger be nice to people do your best to do this eventually we will have a perfect society if we ALL can do this just trust me on this.

This may seem entirely criticizing to all the people out there it is in fact supposed to be to show you a small percentage of what this does to everyone everyday. Imagine something like this multiplied by 100 if that’s how many people spread the word it will be everywhere


Consider this like rachel’s challenge, but its lala’s challenge





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