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aria's pov

i woke up to the sound of my phone ringing.

"hello?" i answer tiredly.

"hey aria! sorry did i wake you? oh wait i don't care. you were suppose to be here twenty minutes ago!" my manager, bradley, says to me.

"oh shit! i'm sorry. i'll be right there!" i exclaim.

i get out of bed quickly and throw on leggings and an oversized hoodie. i throw my hair into a somewhat neat pony tail and apply mascara, not really caring since i'm only going to bradleys.

i put on my converse, grab my phone and start walking there.

once i arrive i see bradley looking a little angry but once he sees me he calms.

"finally! you're here!" he yells.

"yes, now what was the meeting about exactly?" i ask him.

"well, you've just hit one million on youtube! congrats. and you are also joining a group collar type thing named team 10." he explains.

"oh! i've heard of them. wait i'm going to be in team 10?" i ask once more.

"well as you may or may not know another girl just got kicked out... and they've been wanting a new member anyways. so they contacted me and said yes." he says.

"wait - you said yes? shouldn't that be my decision?" i ask him, crossing my arms.

"well as your manager i can make those decisions, so you're moving in, in two days. they're on their way here to go back to your apartment to pack." he tells me.

"uh okay." i say, slightly smiling.

i go into the kitchen and start looking through the fridge for some breakfast when i hear a knock on the door.

i hear it open then hear two or three voices.

"yeah she's in the kitchen. i had to wake her up to get her here." bradley tells them, laughing a little.

i don't look up and continue looking for food when i hear a loud bang which makes me jump and turn around.

i see a boy with blonde hair laughing and twins also laughing with the blonde.

"hey sorry for scaring you. i'm jake. this is emilio and ivan." the blonde, jake, says.

"hi and its fine." i say smiling.

"oh i'm aria, by the way." i add.

they nod as i grab some blackberries and sugar and sit down at the counter. i can feel their stare on me so i look up confused.

"do you guys want some?" i ask.

they shake their heads no.

one of the twins say "i thought we are helping you pack?"

"oh yeah you are, if you want. bradley just decided to wake me up and i didn't have time to eat." i reply emphasizing the second sentence so bradley can hear.

"shut up and go pack." bradley replies.

i roll my eyes and put away his food then grab my phone and tell the boys to follow me.

as we're walking to my apartment, i get to know a little bit about the boys. they're really funny.

i can already tell being a part  of team 10 will be some fun.

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