Dating the Son of Zeus *27*

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“Thank you for coming Mr. Marlow,” I said as I basically ran with the delicate looking old man towards a very pale Penelope.

“Yes well you did say it was urgent.” I watched as his eyes grew wide at the sight before him. “And I would say from the looks of things this would qualify for urgent.”

“Can you please help her?” I asked quickly.

Marlow was my first and only option here on Earth, I had no where else to turn. Penelope needed help and if anyone was going to have a way to help her here it was going to be him. When he had agreed to help I was thrilled, though what he had that could heal Penelope I didn’t have a clue. I watched as he hurried over to the floor where Penelope laid with her head in Perseus’ lap, looking as frail as I had ever seen her. Leonidas held her hand and whispered to her reassuringly and I only prayed that the help that Mr. Marlow was about to deliver wouldn’t be too late. If the moment hadn’t of been so serious I suppose it would have been funny. I had never seen Mr. Marlow outside of his small, dark office. He wore a dark, expensive looking suit. He carried the look of someone who had seen the wear and tears of life. Wrinkles covered most of his face and his dull hazel eyes did little to brighten his face. The most alarming feature though was still his ears. They were abnormally long, dragging along the ground as he moved, but he seemed to pay them no mind.

Moving over to the rest of the group I watched as he took in Penelope. He cringed when he saw the depth of her injury.

“What caused such a wound?” he asked.

“A thunderbolt,” Perseus answered. Marlow looked as if he had been slapped.

“Why would Zeus—“

“It wasn’t Zeus, it was Hector, son of Hades,” Leonidas answered.

“How? No one has access to the thunderbolts except Zeus himself. Does he know that—“

“Look do you have something that is going to heal her or not?!” Perseus shouted angrily.

Marlow hesitated only a moment longer before pulling out a small silver flask. I couldn’t help but to eye it curiously. “What is that?” I asked.

“This,” Marlow answered, “belonged to Asclepius.”

“Asclepius? You mean the healer?” asked Leonidas.

“That is correct.”

“What’s in it?” asked Perseus.

“Come now, are you going to tell me you don’t know your history?” Marlow asked with a crooked smile that seemed out of place.

“Asclepius was taught about healing by the centaur Chiron, right?” I asked.

“Correct, and he was given the blood of the Gorgon Medusa, which just like all of you, is magical.”

“But wait I thought that Medusa’s blood was poisonous,” Perseus pointed out with wide eyes.

“Partly, you see when the blood was taken it came from two very different veins. One would bring about absolute and sudden death. The other could heal anything, even death. As you may recall that is why young Asclepius met his end.”

“How did you come across it?” I asked.

“I’m a man who knows how to get things. When it’s something I want it doesn’t really matter how difficult it is to acquire, I’ll get it eventually. However, this has cost me a pretty penny.”

“Do you think it will work on Penelope?” I asked.

“Only one way to find out I suppose,” Marlow said.

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