evil love... ( a max thunderman love story)

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let me introduce my self. I'm alexandra Fire. and I'm princess of the villain kingdom. I have the most powerful powers that the world has ever known. everyone is afraid of me I like it though. I feel like I have power over the people. I'm the avatar, its where you can bend the four elements. I'm very good at fire. but, my father is jealous. so he put me in the class cage so the people can't see or hear about me. and like that's bad enough, he beats me while I'm chained up. I can easily burn the cuffs, but he had them made for me where I can't do that.

I miss my old friend max thunderman. he was very handsome. and kind. we were both very fond of each other. the down fall of him is that he is a super hero. and I'm a super villain.

" Alexandra! you are going to stay with the thundermans this summer." my father said. he un cuffed me and told me to teleport myself to the thunder man home. I got ready and packed my bags and teleported.

the house was nice. but not as big as my palace. max opened the door and said, " nice of you to come by alex! please come in" ha he called me alex. no one has called me alex in a while.

I stood inside the house just infront of the door. I was scanning all of them. I can read peoples thoughts so I read all the kids thoughts.

pheebs: math. winning the math bowl.

max: becoming a villain, and also me.

nora: zaping me with lasers

billy:running in a flower field with me.

I laughed out loud when I read maxes thoughts. I said, " poor max. even if you wanted to be a super villain, you couldn't. you were made to be a super hero. you don't have enough powers to become a villain."

he looked at me and said, " so like you have any powers that can beat mine" he said with a smirk.

" Max!! don't challenge her!! she can kill you!" said mrs. thunderman.

" yes that's right don't challenge me" I said with a smirk to max

" don't talk to my brother that way!" said nora.

" what are you going to do? zap me with lazers?"

" yeah! I'll fry you!" she said

" as soon as my lazers touch yours, your eyes will burn."

" do it than!" she said she shot out her lasers and I did to and my were purple. as soon as mine touched hers, she was rubbing her eyes in pain.

" I told you.." I said and max was still staring at me.

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