Chapter Forty-Two

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Jack was still locked up, Meredith reminded herself repeatedly. Harry had looked into it, and Jack was still locked up. He wasn't coming back to the U.S. any time soon. Harry, with his many connections, even had security around Jack Campbell beefed up. When Jack Campbell was asked how he did it, he gave no answer but a smirk. He liked to play games.

A week after the rose, Meredith walked from class to class. The paparazzi had yet to return, and it almost was normal again, aside for the all the looks cast at her. The weather and winds had dipped again, driving the crazies inside. Meredith bundled herself up in her large green winter coat and walked on. She was just another person in the crowd of black coats.

Getting back to her room, Meredith dropped her things by the door and laid on her bed. Sleep threatened to overtake her.

Harry pulled off his sweatshirt and settled into a sofa in his flat at Kensington Palace. He looked tired and torn from his event that day, and that usually only happened when he didn't like his event. Usually he was energized after an event, but now, he looked ready to climb into bed and fall asleep. As well as, he looked very lonely. Meredith felt for him, and she wanted to be close to him once again. But time just didn't allow that.

Harry said, "I was thinking, since I'm going to be in the neighborhood--"

"What do you mean you're going to be in the neighborhood?" Meredith stopped him there. "You're going to be in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin?"

"Well, no."

"The Midwest?"


"The U.S.?"

"Not exactly."

"So, you're not going to be in the neighborhood," Meredith concluded.

"I'll be Jamaica, so that side of the world."

"Why? she asked. "Is it a tour?"

"No," Harry said. "Those only happen every few years, and Wills or Dad will do the next one."

"Because they're the future Kings?"


"And because since you didn't make a mess this year, besides me, you don't have to clean it up by kissing babies and making nice."

Harry smiled, a bit sarcastically. "The bullshit you see through is a nice tool, but we need it right now." He laughed. "I'll be in Jamaica because my friend is getting married two weekends before your spring break from Uni. We could get together."

"What are you going to do for two weeks?"

Shrugging, Harry played it cool. "I'm sure Granny has some work for me in to do in the Caribbean. It could be a mini tour. What do you think?" he asked. "You have the passport. You will get to see me sooner than thought. And I know you're going to say, Mere, the money-- but, I think--"

"I wasn't going to say that," she interjected.

"You weren't?" he wondered. "But I had a whole speech prepared."

"It's not necessary."

"Really? I was prepared for a fight."

"I picked another... job." If that was the word you could use, it was the word she would use.

"What does that mean?" He arched an eyebrow, obviously not believing her. Meredith usually shared a lot when it came to being an RA or playing the piano at a department store. She wasn't paid much for being an RA, but the department store paid well enough.

"I obviously became a prostitute, Harry."

He rolled his eyes. "What's the new job?"

"It may not be a real job as much as I get paid for helping people."

Harry waited patiently.

"I edit other people's essays and papers."

"Do you write them for these people?"

"Not all the time," Meredith responded with a smirk. "It isn't too bad, but recently, the flow has picked up more. I am getting graduate students wanting me to help them with papers, and those papers are long. So I charge people sometimes. So mid-terms are coming up, and I've made some money. I'll make more. I can buy a cheap ticket to Jamaica, but unfortunately," she swallowed, "you'll have to pay for the hotel room."

"I can get us a private villa."

"I don't know if we need that."

"We do," he replied quickly.

Meredith rolled her eyes. "I can only stay a few days at most. I need to work at the department store to over break."

"It's a deal." Harry smiled. "So how goes the business? Is it hard?"

"Only if they have no idea what they're doing."

"Does it take up much time?"

She shrugged. "Sleep is for losers." Meredith loved sleep, and she surely didn't get enough of it. The editing and her being an RA did take up a lot of time, and so much sleep was gone, but Meredith wanted to believe that it would come back again.

His eyes narrowed. "Was this causing the stress from a week or so back?" Harry couldn't keep the accusatory tone out of his words. "It was unneeded stress. Did it cause the stress?"


"Are you lying?"


Harry's blue eyes watched her through the phone. "You have to be lying. No one actually likes editing."

"I do, Harry," she reminded him. "I get to tear into someone's paper, potentially making it better, while destroying it and putting it all back together in one go." Meredith smiled. "It makes me happy."


Meredith laughed. "That's only because you have never been blessed with the love of reading."

Harry scoffed.

"May I suggest Harry Potter?" she asked. "I heard it's good."

"Is it?" Harry wondered sarcastically. "I've never heard of it before. Is it new?"

"I wouldn't say so, but there are movies to help you follow along, Harry."

"Oh, now I have to read it. My life won't be complete without it."

"I'm happy you understand." Meredith smiled. "How was your day? Anything fun and exciting happen?"

"What do you expect that I do?" he asked. "I sat around most of the time in a suit and a tie, listening to people tell me stories. Though I am very thankful for the opportunity I have, sitting around and talking is not a strong point. I want to get out and moving, and politics have no holding in me."

Meredith's eyes lit up. "Give me all the details." She loved politics.

"It's boring."


"No. I'll put myself to sleep, and I can't be that old yet. I refuse to fall asleep before nine at night." He yawned uncontrollably.

"Go to bed."



"No." Harry pouted like a child.

"Go to bed, because I want a nap too." Meredith hung up before he could argue. Rolling over, Meredith fell into a dreamless sleep.


I reward my good readers with more Harry and Meredith time. This time, they'll be in Jamaica.

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