Moving/Rearranging Parts of Your Book

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Have you ever been in the situation where you write a book, and then you reread it and you want to put this part there and that part here? I know I have come across that feeling every so often in my time as a writer. This part will show you how you can rearrange parts of your story.

If you want to rearrange parts, you can only do so on the computer.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to My Works

2. Click Manage on any book that you want to rearrange the parts of.

3. When you click Manage, you can change the title, description, parts of your story, and whether it is = complete or if it's an ongoing series.

4. Click a part of your story.

5. Click either UP to move your part up one section or DN to move it down one section.

6. When you are done changing the things you want to change, click Save.

It may take you more than once to get the parts to move. If it does, just repeat the steps above until it works.

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