Magickal Folk

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The goal of this little book is to help you all get started with your spiritual journeys and rituals. The book is going to start off with some smaller, basic meditations, spirit guides, herbal remedies, etc. Some of the rituals in these will require no more than a pen and paper, so if you are fairly new to practices, they will be perfect for you. Other meditations, spells, and rituals may require a bit more effort than others, which will include gathering of items, chanting, and a formidable amout of salt. If you have yet to start collecting smudge sticks, stones, and herbal remedies, here is a link to a basic monthly subscription to Magickal Folk:

This box listed above is the Pagan Basics Kit. Like the other subscriptions, this kit varies every month. "The pagan basics kit (is) formerly known as our beginner box. It explores pagan paths and occult practices. The box themes are voted in by subscribers each month. The contents vary depending on the theme but items are curated to suit the practice of a beginner or novice practitioner. Themes will not border on taboo issues nor will there be advanced craft work. In general, the box is an introduction to many types of witchcraft and magick.  A half page keepsake grimoire card will accompany each kit detailing instructions, correspondences and rituals." [Candice]

Let me just say that Paganism is not for everyone, but all are welcome to try it. If you ever need help with anything, feel free to contact me via message on either Wattpad, Facebook, or Instagram.

Bless you all, and I hope you enjoy your new journey!


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