The Blacksmith and the Dragon

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Salia had led Marco into a small village square, and now she was knocking frantically on the door to a building. "Yo! Ren! You home?"

Marco could hear a grunt come from the other side of the door, and then the sound of crashing objects. Someone yelled, "Dang it!" before there was the sound of shuffling feet. Soon the door swung wide open, revealing an angry looking man. Well, he wasn't really a man, more like a super tall monster dude that had bluish skin and green eyes. He sort of looked like a blue, giant, version of Toffee, but way more rough around the edges and without the suit and tie. He also didn't have a tail.

"Whadya want, Salia?" huffed the creature.

Salia pointed over her shoulder at Marco, "He's looking for Hekapoo."

"Heka-no!" he snapped, before slamming the door in the girl's face.

Salia rolled her eyes and pushed the door open, peaking her head in, "Can we at least come in?"

"If you ain't buyin' nuthen y'all can just leave."

"Okay," Salia threw open the door and floated into the small make-shift house, "We're coming in."

Marco followed behind cautiously. The giant creature made him nervous. Who's to say this thing wouldn't just pick up and start attacking them? Marco mentally prepared himself for the worse.

Salia floated over to where the monster sat on a stool, his arms crossed over his chest. He looked really, really, angry. Like someone just peed in his corn flakes.

Salia gave the monster a comforting pat on the shoulder, "Why the long face, big guy?"

"I refuse to go off on another one of your stupid adventures."

Salia put her hands on her hips, which looked a little awkward considering her legs were all criss-cross applesauced in midair. "Excuse me?"

"The last time we went on one I got my hair scorched off," he pointed at his bald head, "And it still hasn't grown back!"

"I think you look very attractive with no hair, Ren."

The monster's face relaxed, and he rubbed the back of his head with his hand, "You think so?"

"Yes, now, can you help us?" the girl changed the subject, "You've fought Hekapoo before."

Marco looked at him with wide eyes, "You've fought Hekapoo?"

Ren nodded, a proud smile on his face, "Yeah, I won too. I got my scissors back."

"So you aren't from here either?" Marco questioned. He felt a little better that someone before him had succeeded in defeating Hekapoo. Maybe it wasn't going to be as difficult as he thought.

Ren shook his head, "No. I'm from Mewni."

"Hey!" Marco's face lit up, "I have a friend from Mewni! Her name is Star Butterfly."

"Neat!" Ren held his fist out for Marco to bump it, "Hangin' with the big leagues, aye? So you from Earth then?"

Marco fist bumped Ren back before saying, "Yeah! I'm from Earth."

"You'll help him get home, right?" Salia interjected, looking at the monster with pleading eyes.

Ren rolled his eyes, "Alright, alright. Fine. Just don't do that puppy eye thing at me. Drives me loco."

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