Chapter 2

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"Hey t!" Leora says "Hey! are u excited?" I say back " Oh ya.." she says with a sly look on her face. "Please do not start making out with boys the moment we get there.." i say. We laugh. Leora has always been an attentionk magnet at school. She always attracted boys like honey attracting bees.

We reached school twenty minutes later. The school was beautiful. It was made out of beautiful turquoise stones and with many windows. It had a board with golden letters spelling Golden Sierra High. I had butterflies in my stomach as we walked on the green grass. Outside was beautiful as well. There were lush green forest surrounding the school. There were picnic tables all around and i saw students dancing and studying. It was awesome!

Leora poked me and poked me so many times that i had a bruise on my arm but i didnt even notice because the school was so beautiful i couldnt stop looking. Leora screamed " HEY YOU THERE??" "Ahh!!" I screamed. "Geez Leora tone it down, Would ya?" I say. "Sorry.. it was the only way to make you snap out of your dream" she says. Her cheeks start becoming pink. I check my phone. 8:00. "Come on lets get to the gym.. its almost time for the assembly." I say.

We go inside. The halls are filled with sunshine and students. I know my way around this school because of orientation day. Thank gods my sister doesn't come here she would embarrass me so bad. We reach the auditorium and we sit were all the other year 9 students are. Leora asks
"You nervous?". I look up and i see the sweat on her face. Leora tends to get really nervous about these things and if someone doesn't calm her down she will start hyperventilating. "Hey calm down! We'll be alright.." i say with a confident voice. She nods.
After the assembly, we head to the change rooms so that we can change into our dance clothes. Im a bit nervous because I'm afraid that I'm going to embarrass myself in front of the class.

I enter the studio with Leora behind me. The studio is big and beautiful. It has hardwood floor, perfect for dance. There are bars on the walls, enough for at least 50 people. There are windows and mirrors all around the studio. The sun shined brightly around the studio. The floor looks beautiful with the sun shining down.
"You must be Thea." a voice says. I look up and see a woman, probably in her fifties. "Umm yes I am.." I say. "My name is Lindsey, I will be your dance teacher for year 9, find a place at the bars.. we will begin warm up shortly." Lindsey says. I walk over to Leora
Who has already found a place. I go behind her and hold to the bar and stretch out my muscles in my legs. Man, its been a long time since i have stretched this well.

Class goes well, Lindsey appears to be really nice to me but really mean to other students including Leora. I wonder why she was nice to me.

We were practicing a little warm up routine  when a student that was probably a year younger then me made a mistake. Lindsey stopped the whole class and walked up to her and stopped. Then she slapped her so hard that her cheek swelled up. The whole gasped.. It was like the whole world held its breath for a moment before Lindsey started screaming "Stupid girl! Why cant you dance without making a mistake" the little girl was already sobbing. Lindsey kept on screaming at her for another two minutes. Lindsey finally said "class dismissed".
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