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1. Colour.

Sterek soulmates AU.

Derek's hair is black. Everyone else's hair changes colour.

Your hair shows your emotions, when they happen and as intense as they happen. Each emotion is a different colour. There's no way to hide it.

Derek dyes his hair black, feeling too vulnerable after his family dies to allow people to see his emotions. Everyone just assumes he is still grieving. This lets him avoid the rest of his emotions, as if they don't exist.

When you meet your soulmate your hair goes white until you seal the bond. Then it returns to its colours, but is streaked with the white.

Stiles' hair goes white as snow when Derek lays his eyes on him for the first time. His remains black. He knows it's from the dye. Stiles doesn't.

When Stiles still manages to work himself into his life Derek can't quite understand how he feels and all of a sudden his black hair is a problem.

Stiles wants to help.

Derek let's him.

2. Live, Love, Lies.

Larry BDSM AU.

Dom sub world 21 assigned to each other. Louis is a don. Harry is a Dom. Rival companies.

Aged 16 you are assigned your role, dominant, submissive or switch. It's in your blood so it only takes a quick blood test to reveal where you lie.

Aged 21 you take a test. This determines the intensity of your role and you are assigned to your partner, someone who is meant to compliment you perfectly.

The system doesn't make mistakes. But this is a huge mistake.

The two biggest corporations in the world had always fought. They were extremely successful family businesses owned by the Tomlinson family and the Styles' family.

Louis Tomlinson is a dom following in his fathers footsteps until he gets assigned his partner, Harry Styles.

Harry styles is a dom following in his mothers footsteps until he gets assigned to his partner, Louis Tomlinson.

They are a match, they just need to know why and how. They have to figure it out as they learn to take over their family business. And how do they break the news to their families?

3. Life goes on.

Sterek kid fic, pining and eventual relationship.

After high school the pack separates. They go to college and get jobs and they meet up every now and then. They keep tabs on each other, still just as friendly as they used to be.

The pack returns to Beacon Hills after college, happy to be somewhere surrounded by pack and family. It finally feels like home. Except Derek isn't there.

No one hears from Derek until he comes back four years later. With his child.

Derek joins the force, his daughter attends the kindergarten where Stiles works and the pack welcomes him with open arms.

Stiles seems to be everywhere and Derek's daughter loves him and-

"I'm glad you're back, Derek."
"Shut up, Stiles." ... "Me too."

4. Inspiration

Larry, famous but not in 1D. Liam, Niall and Zayn still friends.

Louis is 19 when he gets picked up by a label. He is tucked under the wing of James Corden and Ed Sheeran, tugged a long to parties and event sand thrown at other celebrities.

Harry is 23 when Louis stumbles into his lap at a reward show after party. Ed pats him on the back encouragingly and they stay up till the early morning.

A.M is Harry's new single and he convinces Louis to sing it with him, knows that he's falling hard when he watches Louis in the recording booth. He just wishes he could tell Louis the song is about him.

Louis is amazed by the older man who helps him along the way, who is so open and admired by so many people. He just wishes the song was written about him. That inspires Louis to write another single, I Wish.

The world gets to watch as they fall in love, everyone around them realising it way before they do.

5. Maybe it's Magic

Sterek, age gap, no werewolves, soulmates AU, soulmarks.

Stiles and Cora have been together for three months before he meets the family. He fidgets as he introduces himself to her parents and her sister. And then her brother comes in.

Her gorgeous brother who looks like he's straight out of porn on steroids. Their eyes meet and they're both on the floor, gasping for breath.

Cora panics, desperately shouting for someone to help them as the blood pours through Stiles' and Derek's shirt and jeans.

The next time Stiles wakes up he's in a hospital bed, bandages wrapped around his ribs, his shoulder, along his bicep and his calf. His dad pats his other leg awkwardly and Stiles let's himself drift off again to avoid the upcoming onslaught of shot.

Derek is in the next room over, listening to Cora cry about how life isn't fair whilst he is processing the appearance of his bond.

Derek and Stiles have a lot to work on.

They fall in love along the way.

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