Chapter Thirty-Five» A Desert's Lullaby

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"... And then a day will come. When you step on the soil of your homeland. An eternal peace and a prosperous wind will pass by you. Welcoming you, for truly you are home.

Aazeen my child, home isn't always a four wall building. Home is where the heart beats. One day you'll find your home and I promise you my love, without it you'll be lost. So hold on to it with all your heart, with all your soul".

A soft voice whispered against my ears. Echoing loudly against the silence, as though the very earth had stopped, to send the message across. To bring me the news of hope, yet how was hope to be given, when there remains no will for life.

The darkness around me, seemed to cage all my fears, all the cries, as I now sat idly on the hard floor. Staring at the open window before me.

A light, so bright, so illuminating shined through the mud walls. Creating a monster out of a small twig, yet, it's the smallest of things that turn in to monsters at night. The smallest of fears, that turn in to oceans.

A deep hole dug inside of me. Eating me alive. Gripping against me and all I could do was just sit here. In the darkest of nights, in this unfamiliar soil. Wanting to go home, wanting to reach my homeland.

A low voice whispered at the back of my mind. Tugging me against the darkness, luring me towards the fire of nightmares. Whispering to let go. To be free of this pain, for there remained no life across the desert.

No way out.

" Aazeen, my ammi used to say that the strongest of believers get the toughest battles. Hold on baby girl"  Ammi's soft voice whispered, as though she was beside me, sitting in the dark, holding on to my hand. Telling me it was okay. Telling me to fight a little longer.

Large warm tears fell on to my skin. Burning the flesh, making me tense, my tongue running through the chapped skin, on my lips. A haunting silence rang against my ears, clenching against my heart.

Glancing at the side. Shahida slept peacefully with her two small grandchildren, on the floor; whilst her husband Khalid, and their son, remained in the room, opposite the house.

My founding and whereabouts remained a mystery. How I got here, how they found me? All remained a mystery, as though nothing in this world was making any sense.

Shahida and her family were Bedouin people; living in the desert, leading the life of their ancestor's. The love and respect they have shown me; within these few days, had made me forget my worries. My fears, and instead feel like I'm back at home, back in Abbotabad, with Dada and grandma, sitting around the fire. Laughing and smiling.

Snapping back to reality, I glanced  back at the dark night before me. Remaining hypnotised, doing nothing but staring ahead. As though all the answers to life would be given, if I just looked closer.

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