the sound of one girl screaming

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This is a free online reproduction of my third poetry/spoken word chapbook, the sound of one girl screaming, which was originally published in August 2002 and has been out-of-print for many years now. 

Notes and Credits:

"We Are Poets." "Inspiration," "Motion," "The Nights are Not Yet So Warm," "I Remember Snow" and "Skin Poems" were all reprinted in the 2002 poetry collection Some Words Spoken (which I co-wrote with artist/author/painter Cynthia Gould). It can be purchased new on my website ( and used from time to time on Amazon. 

Cover photography for the sound of one girl screaming by Zaiden and Monica S. Kuebler.

Author's Notes:

Thank you to my muses and my demons and to the ghosts that keep me up at night. Thank you to my lovers and my loves and the ones that simply broke my heart. Thank you to those who have lived and those who had to die. Thank you to the dreamers, the sinners and the ones who feel they have nothing left to lose. Thank you to those who fed me when I was starving, who held me when I cried, and who listened to me when I ranted and raved. Thank you to everyone who has ever bought a chapbook of mine, will buy a chapbook of mine, or ever came out to see me perform. Without all of you, there could be none of this. Thank you.

- Monica S. Kuebler, Toronto, Canada, August 2002

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