Chapter 2

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As Suzy walked home from school the next day, she thought about what her teachers and classmates had told her: No one ever got a gift directly from a god like that. When Carlos had asked Poseidon for a pony, the closest he got was one escaped a nearby petting zoo and ran headfirst into his door. Andthey had to return it and everything. A god should be able to make a puppy, she had told them. It couldn't be that hard. After all, hers had done it. If only she could bring Cuddles to school with her tomorrow.

Her parents were naturally startled by the ghastly hellhound in their bedroom at 4 AM, looming over their daughter who was telling them all about her new friend. The terrifying gift from a god of death, combined with their daughter's pleading face meant they just had to keep it, for multiple reasons. Cuddles wouldn't hurt a fly anyways, when he snapped at one it flew out of the bottom of his jaw completely unharmed. Even so, she doubted her parents would let her bring a dog bigger than her to school. It'd have to wait till Show and Tell.

Another thing that had puzzled her was that people seemed surprised she had actually had a conversation with her deity.

"Doesn't everyone talk with theirs? It seems like would be enough to go around."

"No one has conversations with their gods", her teacher had told her. "They normally have too many things to do." Suzy remembered that she'd never heard her dad have a chat with Pan, or her mom with Shango. Even though their prayers get answered to an extent, Suzy still found it silly to talk to someone who never replies.

"What god did you get anyways?" Shouted one of the bigger boys in the back. "Probably got a god of poop."

Suzy grinned. "Anubis," she said proudly. The whole classroom went quiet. The boy looked horrified. The teacher leaned in closer to her and whispered "You know Suzy, you don't have to scare people for no reason. Some people just take longer to find their god."

Suzy stamped her foot. "I'm not lying! He showed up last night when I called him and he gave me a great big puppy! He's got big blue fire for his eyes and he likes sitting on my lap. I called him Cuddles."

The teacher gave her one of those smiles that typically means that the person smiling does not believe you one bit but does not want to argue. "Alright, now let's take our seats and start for today, shall we?"

Suzy had gone back to her desk and sat down. She didn't understand why no one believed her. Wasn't it normal to get all sorts of gods as your deity? She'd met people before who had all sorts of beings they prayed to that she'd never heard of before. She'd expected a more famous one like Anubis to be more popular. After all, he seemed nice. Almost sweet. All gods should be like that to their worshippers.

As she pondered this, she rounded the block in front of her house and almost bumped into a girl around her age. Suzy had seen her in the neighborhood, but she went to a different school.

"Sorry, I didn't see you."

"It'salright", the other girl said. "I'm Jessie."

"I'm Suzy, nice to meet you."

"So, is it true?"

"Is what true?"

"I heard you got Anubis from a friend. Is that just a rumor?"

"I don't get why no one believes me when I tell them."

"I've never heard of anyone praying to Anubis before except as a joke. Is the thing with the dog true too?"

"Yes, he's named Cuddles. Do you want to see him?"

"I would, but I'm allergic to dog hair."

Suzy thought for a moment. "He doesn't have any hair on him, so it might be fine."

Jessie smiled. "Sure then. Let's go."

As they walked hand in hand to Suzy's house, She told Jessie about how Anubis showed up and gave Cuddles to her. Hearing it out loud, Suzy had to admit it sounded a little silly.

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