Chapter 58

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Zayn stood alone by the window of his study. He watched as the sleek, black Bentley drove through the palace gates. His heart racing him his chest. His loin throbbed at seeing her again.

The past week had been the hardest week of his life. He never knew it was possible to feel such pain without a soul, but from the moment she was gone, he felt like a part of him left with her.

She was all he could think about. Every second of the day, she was the only thing going through his mind.

Her intoxicating lips, her soft skin, her delicate thighs, her round and perky breasts. He remember the amazing feeling of her body laying under him and that rush of pleasure every time he thrust into her. The silky flesh that enveloped itself around his large tool.

For the past week, he wanted nothing but to experience that pleasure, to feel her under him, to have her in his bed. To plunge himself into her and have all of his carnal desired satisfied.

Zayn felt himself harden at the thought.

“My King, here is your blood,” a feminine voice interrupted his thoughts a petit brunette with pale skin and blue eyes came in through the double oak doors. She held a high glass beaker containing what smelt like AB+ blood on a silver tray.

His lustful eyes wandered down her human body. She wasn’t as beautiful as Evelyn, but her pale skin was the same shade as the girl he craved so much.

Zayn smirked before zooming across the room to his desk, where she was setting the beaker of blood upon.

He came up behind her and placed his hands on her hips. Her body immediately stiffened at his touch, and he heard her heartbeat increasing.

Slowly, one of his hand wandered up the inside of her tightly, black mini skirt and the other one trailed up her black, silk blouse to grope a handful of her breasts.

He pressed his hard groin against her curvy little ass, forcing her body to against the edge of his mahogany table. Her body trembled, she was obviously scared of what was happening, but Zayn didn’t care, he needed a release before he goes off to see Evelyn. He would much rather have his hunger satisfied by the girl in front of him than having to lose his control and force himself upon Evelyn again.

“My King…” she whimpered as his hand stroked the inside of her quivering thigh, moving up slowly. “Please, don’t…”

“Why not?” Zayn chuckled. “I thought you were here to serve me? I am your King, to deny me of what I want is treason, you do know that right?” He brushed his lips against her pulsing neck.

His finger eagerly lifted up to stroke her through the material of her panties. He felt her wetness through her underwear, signally her body reacting perfectly to him.

“Your lips says no, but your body is saying yes,” Zayn let out a masculine chuckle as he slowly lifted her skit, revealing her pert little ass to him.

He undid his buckle and freed himself.

“My King, please, I have a husband, I cant betray him!” she protested as she tried to escape from his arms, but her words just made him angry.

Instead of releasing her, he grabbed her hair and forced her to bent over the table, his blood boiling at the mention of a husband. “Do you human girls see me as a toy? What is a human mortal compared to me? How dare you defy me?” he roared, anger building up within him and he pressed his tip against her entrance, which caused her to gasp.

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