Chapter Eleven

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"Lance. That's your brothers name, isn't it?" I question. Queerness spreading throughout my body. 

Lance has never ever mentioned having a brother before. But the events matches perfectly with what Lance has told me before. How people thought his parents and him were dead when they saw them go through the fire, right before it got bad. He said that they fled with him here. He never said when. Probably doesn't remember. His parents probably waited as long as possible foe Kane before they forced themselves to leave so they all wouldn't lose their lives. 

"Yes." Kane replies, suddenly pale.

"His birthday is January third. He would now be eighteen, turning nineteen. Dark brown hair, brown eyes." I state.

Kane nods, still pale.

"That's your brother isn't it?" I question. 

"Yes." Kane rasps out, color slowly re-turning to his face. 

I stay silent. Not really knowing what to say.

"What about my parents? Are they - are they alive?" Kane asks as a few minutes slipped by.

"Kane, that's not for me to say. I didn't even know Lance had a brother until a few minutes ago. You told me events that happened and where. It sounded a lot like Lance's story. I just put them together." I tell him truthfully.

"You know the fate of my parents, don't you?" Kane asks, looking into my eyes. Neither one of us breaking the gaze.

I stay silent.

Kane is smart. He's probably figured out that his parents are in fact dead. Regardless, I still stay silent.

"Alright, Ms. Higgins." Kane states, not bothering to address me by my rightful title of 'Alpha'.

"So, Lance didn't tell you he had a brother?" Kane questions, breaking the silence.

I shake my head.

"No. Maybe it would be to painful for him to talk about. He probably didn't know what happened to you and assumed you as dead. If you to were close, it would be hard on him." I suggest, not actually knowing why Lance never mentioned his brother, Kane.

"But he could talk about the people who gave him life?" Kane suggests, I shrug.

"Like I said, I have not a clue as to why Lance never mentioned you. I might actually kill him the next time I see him. After you two get caught up of course." I state.

Kane chuckles.

"How close are you and Lance, Ms. Higgins?" Kane questions.

"We're close." I state.

"Ms. Higgins, please, this is my brother that we're talking about. I would like to know how close you and my brother are. Please?" Kane states.

I let out a sigh and run my fingers through my hair.

"Alright. But, you'll be getting aback story to it all." I inform in.

Kane nods for me to continue. 

"I was born and raised in Red River Pack. I have an older brother who is now the Beta. We aren't Beta blood. But my brother is the Alpha's best friend. The former Beta couldn't have children. They picked the most worthiest of the position. My brother got it. Anyways, the day I turned sixteen, I found my mate. He rejected me on sight. It wasn't him that hurt, it was the rejection that hurt. I couldn't careless about me so called 'mate'. But I didn't want t continue living at Red River where I would see him day after day. So I left.

I left and that night I had my first shift. It hurt like hell and I honestly thought that I was going to die. I didn't have anyone or anything to help. I was completely alone. But I continued. I pushed forward. I came to a no claim land. Rouges came and went through the land because of the water source. That's when I met Lance.  trusted him without any reason to. 

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