#TeamFirstContact - Part Five: The Last Saint George - @HardeeBurger

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Interstellar Etiquette - Part 5 – The Last One Standing - angerbda 

"Dear K,

I am shivering the same, thinking about this technology that seems to have been given to humankind. Though, I do not really remember anything about this. It is a grey area in the history books. One mentions and event and the other would deny it. I had a hard time deciding whether the events had been genuine or not.

I do believe, however, that something happened. The Earth seems to have turned on its axis more than once during the past millennia.

I am sending you another one, with this message, you will read with interest, I am sure.

Do you remember this pandemic that devastated the oceans? I think I found the answer to the question everyone asked, at that time: What the heck happened?

I remember telling you it was like this story in the zine I used to read, the one with the giant snake and the over-bike girl. The reason anything bad on Earth is due to come from cold-blooded animals, feeding from the weakest and smallest around them...

You know what?

Since I started my research on those documents and sources I found – I don't remember how exactly – it feels like I have lived many lives, my initial birth lost in foggy memories. I do know, however, that you had always been with me, helping me grow and evolve...

I am digressing here. To go back to the document I am sending you with this message, I think you will find some answers to some questions, and will ask more questions, asking for answers.

I am curious to see what you will think about it.

Yours, always



// File #4 – The Last St-Georges

by HardeeBurger //

For greed, all is too little.

- Seneca the Younger (4BC - 65 AD)

We have always known that heedless greed is bad for morals.

- Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882 - 1945)

It is greed that talks and does not want to listen.

- Democritus (460 - 370 BC)



This tale is classic in its tragedy. It's about the Foibles of Man. He destroys all he has in a Quest of Pride, to prove Himself superior over all the Universe.

I ought to know, for I helped destroy it. Our faith, our hope, our vanity – ha! I certainly destroyed all our vanity! I am known as Saint George, sixth in the line of great Dragon Keepers. We officially call them Spitfires, I suppose because they like that name best.

I call them frogs when I'm able. And stinking conniving bastards. I knew we should never have trusted them. All mild and meek and benign, letting us lead them around on a leash. Yet they weigh in at one thousand kilos! They'd eat us like chicken if they weren't so fond of fish. And that's all they ever wanted, Prime Minister Churchill told our dear President Roosevelt, when he passed their bounty onto us. Just let them eat fish and live on the bottom of the ocean.

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