#TeamFirstContact - Part Three: Encounter - @kgillenwater

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Interstellar Etiquette - Part 3 - Close Encounters of the Thirst Kind - angerbda

"Dear K,

I quite agree with your interpretation of the account of the events I sent you last time. I am not sure, either, whether to consider this story as a recollection of a First Contact inducted by an alien species or to attribute it to the hallucinating mind of a man hurt and dehydrated.

What gets me puzzled in these events is the reason of the extra-terrestrial intervention. At least, it looks like one, and not just a third party Nation partaking in the worldwide conflict. I tried to find traces and mentions of a potential Alien threat to Earth covering this period, though I still am unable to get any results.

For now, I am keeping this story in the 'possible' category. Not an hundred percent mark, not a zero either. I keep it because I found similar occurrences. There is also a document that mentions alien arrival on Earth around the same period. I just took a note as I was fast reading through the stash of papers, so I will have to confirm this later on.

It is quite frustrating to proceed that way. Initially, I tended to just get an overview of the stories for a quick sorting; however, I found that I missed many tiny, though crucial, details. I had been diving back on the previously discarded documents, and I feel I am withering away, accumulating dust as I seat for hours skimming through inconsistent recordings of meeting with alien lifeforms...

Anyway. I am curious to see what you will comment on the document I sent you today. There is something that bothers me in the recounting of these events, though I can't seem to be able to point it. Perhaps you will find what it is.

I am impatient to read your feedback,

Yours truly,


The young man had found his way to the library of Al, the following night. He had wanted to exchange with the old man, to ask him questions about what he had read. When he arrived in the room, it had been empty, some files ready to be picked on the table. He dropped the documents he had read the previous night and took the new set in exchange. His night would be long, though not as boring as usual.

Equipped with a mug of coffee and some cookies, seated at his station, glancing time to time to the stellar map on the screens, he settled for a reading night.


// File #2 – Encounter

by kgillenwater //

An alarm sounded on the control panel. Our water hold had sprung a leak. Must've been that asteroid storm we passed through when Carlos accidentally turned us off course while I was asleep.

My training at the Academy kicked in. I flicked my fingers over the flashing alarm icon to read the rate of loss.

Hundreds of gallons leaked into space in less than a minute.


I ran the numbers through my head. Our next resupply station was a several light years from our location. More than two month's travel time. We'd left Earth with plenty of water for our mission.

I needed more hands on deck to stem the flow. A space walk was in order to survey the damage, patch the hole. Hopefully, it was small enough to be patched with the meager emergency supplies we had on board or we were in serious trouble.

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