Chapter 8: Relics

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After Running towards the direction I was told by the four guys from earlier, I finally arrived at the ruin. There I found that not that many relics, or rather, chess pieces, were remaining, which means I'm one of the last ones to get here. Oh well. I grab a piece that I like, a black horse, I think these were called knights if I remember correctly.

- Ozpin and Glynda

[Glynda] "The last pair has been formed, sir. Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren. Poor boy... I can't possibly imagine those two getting along. Still, he's probably better off than Miss Nikos. Also, you knew that we were a student extra didn't you?
[Ozpin] "Mmmmm"
[Glynda] "I don't care what his transcripts say. That Jaune fellow is not ready for this level of combat. I guess we'll find out soon enough. At their current pace, they should reach the temple within just a few minutes. Also, you saw what that Ryu boy did in his battle with the king taijitu did you not?
[Ozpin] "...."
[Glynda] "he was speaking to the Grimm before it attacked him, he became part Grimm. Just what is he?"
[Ozpin] "he said it himself didn't he?"
[Ozpin] "The child of Grimm."
[Glynda] "you can't actually be thinking that little story of his is true can you?"
[Ozpin] "well, we'll find out soon enough. Once this is over I'll ascertain his reasons for being here and we can figure out what to do after that."
[Glynda] "*sigh* if this turns out for the worse it's on you."
[Ozpin] "always is."

- Ryu

[???] "think this is it?"

Hmm? This feeling is.. Blake? And Yang?

[Blake] "oh, Ryu?"
[Ryu] "hey guys."
[Yang] "aw man, you beat us here?"
[Ryu] "guess so haha"
[Blake] "where's your partner?"
[Ryu] "I uhhh... never, found one..."
[Yang] "oh, well... don't sweat it! I'm sure since you got a relic you'll still pass!"
[Ryu] "that's the hope!"
[Blake] "shall we grab one ourselves then?"
[Yang] "oh! Good idea!"

The two searched around for a relic they wanted.

[Yang] "hmmm...."

Yang grabbed the golden knight, showing it to Blake.

[Yang] "how about a cute little pony?
[Blake] "*smirk* sure"
[Yang] "well that wasn't too hard!"
[Blake] "well, it's not like this place is very difficult to find."
[Ryu] "*quiet dejected laugh* "yeah, easy to find..."

They both shared a smile. "Rare for Blake" I thought to myself.
They started heading out, presumably going back to Ozpin.

[Ryu] "hey! You mind if I come with you guys?"
[Yang] "sure, I don't see why not, but, are you sure you wouldn't want to wait for Ruby to show up?"
[Ryu] "huh? What do you-"

I could feel my cheeks going red. Damn is this that? No, it shouldn't be, it's just because I can barely feel any negative emotions from her.. but...

[Ryu] "I-I-It's not like that!?"
[Blake] "are you asking us or telling us?"
[Ryu] "..."

All I could do was go silent as we made our way back to Ozpin.


[Ruby] "*Achoo!*"
[Weiss] "shut it, I'm trying to think."
[Ruby] " Weiss, why can't you just admit that you have no idea where we're going?"
[Weiss] "Because I know exactly where we're going! We're going... to... the forest temple!"
[Ruby] "*sigh*"
[Weiss] "Oh, stop it! You don't know where we are, either!"
[Ruby] "Well, at least I'm not pretending like I know everything."
[Weiss] "What is that supposed to mean?"
[Ruby] "It means you're a big, stupid jerk and I hate you!"
[Weiss] "*sighs, spinning around and walking in another direction* Just keep moving!"
[Ruby] "*in an imitation of Weiss' voice* Oh, just keep moving! Hurry up! Waaaah! Watch where you're going! *back to normal* Why are you so bossy?
Weiss: "*turning back around to face Ruby*I'm not bossy! Don't say things like that!"
[Ruby] "Stop treating me like a kid!"
[Weiss] "Stop acting like a kid!
[Ruby] "Well, stop acting like you're perfect!"
[Weiss] "I'm. Not. Perfect! Not yet... But I'm still leagues better than you. *continues to walk away*"
[Ruby] "*to herself, dejectedly* You don't even know me..."

- Ryu

Holy mother of remnant those are some negative emotions... where in the world could they be coming from?

- Jaune and Pyrrha

Exploring a cave Jaune thinks is the ruins, he spots a large, glowing bulb of some kind.

[Jaune] "That's the relic! *he slowly reaches out to grab it, but it moves away from his swipe* Hey! Bad... relic! *he tries to get it again, then jumps forward and hangs onto it as the object raises him above the ground* Gotcha!"
[Pyrrha] "*worried* Jaune....?"

Jaune's catch lowers him down slightly until he is face to face with the glowing red eyes of a death stalker.

- Ryu


A familiar girlish scream echoed throughout the forest.

[Yang] "some girl is in trouble! Blake, Ryu, did you hear that?"

Blake doesn't answer just staring straight up at the sky while I face palm at Jaune's girly scream.

- Jaune and Pyrrha

At the cave entrance, Pyrrha could be seen running out into the open right before a monstrous, scorpion-like Grimm crashes through the hole, roaring and waving its claws menacingly as Jaune hangs from its stinger, calling for help and continuing to scream.

[Jaune] "*sobbing* Help! Whoa-ah-ah-ah-ah! Why?! Pyrrha! He-e-e-elp! Pyrrha, this is not the relic! It's not! *continues to cry and get shaken around* Do something!

Pyrrha stood in front of he creature whilst wielding Miló, her weapon.

[Pyrrha] "whatever you do, don't let-"

Before she can finish, the Grimm hurls its tail back and launches a still-screaming Jaune across the forest as she watches in dismay

[Pyrrha] "...go"

she turns back to the scorpion as it continues to snap its claws at her, and she smiles embarrassingly before turning and rushing away in a burst of green leaves.

- Ryu

Blake is still staring at something in the sky.. wait, is that?

[Yang] "guys, did you hear that? What should we do?"

"*faint screaming growing louder* Heads uuuuuuuuup!"

A small girl in red cannonballed down towards the ground so I leapt up in an attempt to catch her


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