#TeamFirstContact - Part Two: Rules of Engagement - @Gunnut

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Interstellar Etiquette - Part 2 - Rules of Engagement - angerbda

"Dear K,

My researches are giving more results now, after our last discussion about methodology. The image you gave me, choosing between Daedalus and Icarus will probably remained embed in my mind for months, if not years.

In any cases, I have to thank you for the ease I feel now while perusing all these documents. Not talking about the ton of paper I found in the basement I told you about... Anyway...

At the moment, I identified few stories that seem to recount with accuracy an encounter of the third kind. I can hear you there; I know you do not really like this expression, though I find it enticing. It is more poetic than the dry 'First Contact' expression. And I will avoid talking about prime directive, or I know you will just drop my letter and go back to your metallic boyfriend. You seem to spend too much time with this canned version of a companion.

About those accounts of meeting with an extra-terrestrial intelligence... or at least, an extra-terrestrial form of life. I am sure they are not part of any folklore and I would not categorized them as such, or as a myth, or whatever tale originated from the fertile imagination of deranged men... I am quite sure these shall be classified as record of a first contact with an alien race, or races...

I will not be sending you all the documents for now. I will start with one and you will tell me what you think about.

Incidentally, the one I am sending to you today is the earliest reference of a proven encounter of the third kind in my list of sources. Earlier than that, all I found was gibberish, fabrication and legends.

This first one depicts the interference of a seemingly outer-space waring specie in an earthen conflict. There are some interesting references about the phenotype of these intruders and also about their vehicles and weapons.

My only issue with this story is whether it is the recounting of a memory of real event or the delirium of an injured man...

You will find the transcription I prepared for you attached to this message. I hope you will let me know what you think about this recounting. I am tempted to add the 'hallucination' label on it, though there is not as much exaggeration you could find in a fabricated First Contact occurrence. I still think of it as valid, with a pinch of doubt, though.

I am impatient to read your feedback,

Yours truly,



// File #1 – Rules of Engagement

by Gunnut //

Corporal Daniel Harkand breathed in deeply, his eyes swinging from left to right as he watched for any German patrols darting anywhere near the alleyways. His partner, an Italian Paratrooper his parent unit had picked up on their way to Luxembourg, was crouched near to his right, his eyes peering out from beneath a German Officer's peaked cap. If things were different, Daniel would never have known Vito, but with the German's having cycled around Luxembourg and successfully push the American offensive off balance, well, they needed each other and it was pure luck they found themselves in each other's company.

Especially now. "Where is it?" Daniel asked, his eyes turning every which way as he scanned the skies. Vito was doing the same; and for a paratrooper, the look of dread he had while watching flak fire rake past the fly zone was much different than Daniel would have expected. For one thing, he looked more worried that the bullets were missing rather than hitting on target.

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