Ch. 11

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Chapter 11


Let me give you a for instance. I followed a guy out of the room, without him noticing, then followed him all the way to the porters lodge, he still hadn't noticed, and when I wasn't satisfied, I went all the way to the cafeteria just to find out who he was hanging out with. Does that count as stalking?

I hope not.

And to think Angelo did not want to talk just so he could hang out with that emo boy, Jason. Was that his name? Can't say I'm bothered. It was a one time thing. It didn't really matter now, did it? Okay, back to the situation at hand. Angelo left me because he had "plans" with that boy? Seriously? That good for nothing hypocrite? Talk about ouch!

If he wanted to play it that way, cool. Two can play that game.

After lying in bed all day, thinking about nothing but my pathetic date with my room mate which didn't even end well, I decided to get up and make myself useful. I tried to learn a bit at first, but that turned out to be wishful thinking since I couldn't grasp anything I read, neither could I understand it.

Not that I wasn't trying my best, believe me, I did. My mind however was not ready to cooperate with me. I kept going back to Angelo and his beautiful self. Why did he have to be so cute, and also, be my room mate. If he was just anyone, I would have already had my way with them by now, and I wouldn't even think about meeting them ever again.

Having my way with Angelo seemed like a nice idea, the thought alone had me writhing in my pants. Fuck. The things he does to me.

I had never felt this way before. I don't even care how cliche this sounds because it's true. If I met someone I wanted and the person didn't give me a chance after a while, I just forgot about them. This was...This was different. He was different.

I got up from bed instead of worrying over him and picked up my phone.

Me: hey, have u heard about the party at the dome?

Warren: yeah. Why?

Me: wanna cum with?

Warren: is this a date? 😉😉

Me: fuck u

Warren: you wish

Me: stop hurting me😥😥😟

Warren: stop being a bitch

Me: be serious here loosah

Warren: fine. I get off at 8

Me: r u sure? I quite remember you got off in the shower at 6 in the morning

Warren: you're an asshole

Me: you want my asshole

Warren: in your wildest dreams

Me: they're pretty wild😍😍

Warren: smh

Me: shake it harder

Warren: idiot

Me: pick you up at 8?

Warren: don't forget my helmet

Me: yes love

Glancing at the time on my phone, I realized it was almost 5pm. I actually spent the whole day worrying about him. It was then that I realized he hadn't come back from his day out with Jason. I thought it was because he didn't want to See Me or even be in my presence.

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