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The Old World is A wide land, full of many rulers and kingdoms. Each has it's own unique traits, and culture.


The Land of Brettonia is the furthest to the West in the Old World, bordering the Endless Sea on it's western edge, and Morn River to the South. It is home to the Brettonians, an ancient race of humans, who cling to their traditions of Honor, Chivalry, and Loyalty. Their Capital is the castle city of Britonya. Their government is a strange one. Most of the population is made up of 'Peasants', day to day workers and farmers. Peasants are ruled by their local Knights, who are great warriors. Each knight is responsible for the defense and upkeep of their small area, known as a 'Fife.' The Knights answer to their Duke. There are 9 Dukes, each owning and ruling their own part of Brettonia, known as a 'Providence.' But all 9 Dukes are governed and loyal to the High King, which is currently King Ferdinan. 

Brettonia is the largest unified nation in the Old World, and shares a border with nearly every other nation, with the exception of the Viking Clans. However, their size has made it difficult for the King to rule. Thus, many Dukes are becoming independent rulers, no longer answering to their king. This brings the threat of Civil War.


Reikland is a nation in the middle of the Old World, inhabited by a race of humans titled "The Empire". Nearly their entire Northern boarder follows Morn River. To the East, they share a border with the Von Carstine Vampires. To the South, they boarder Brettonia. To the West, they are met by the Dwarves. Reikland is arguably the most technologically advanced, aside from perhaps the Dwarves. Their Capital is the Hold City of Altdorf, where the newly crowned Emperor Morgan rules over the nation. They do not cling to the ideas of Honor and Chivalry in the same way that the Brettonians do. Instead, The Empire puts Science, Purity, and Holiness first. They worship the God of Light Sigmar, and hate all that is impure in their eyes, such as Vampires and Greenskins. Emperor Morgan was only crowned Emperor after he overthrew his Niece Alaina, and took her throne by force. As a result, he is not a very popular leader in the eyes of many. But others thing his harshness is exactly what Reikland will need to survive these dark days.


Sylvania is a small nation, just to the East of The Empire. Their Boarder to the East is protected by the Morn River. To the West, they have only The Empire and Brettonia to worry about. Sylvania is a dead land, full of marshes and burnt forests. Few normal creatures live there. Instead, it's inhabitants have changed into dark beasts, suited for the violent landscape. Despite this, Sylvania used to be one of the most beautiful lands in the Old World. It also used to be a part of Reikland. However, that all changed when the Von Carstine Vampire family, led by Vlad Von Carstine, arrived with their army of undead, and overthrew the local government. Had it not been for the negotiation skills of Empress Alaina,  they surly would have overrun The Empire.

The Von Carstine Vampires rule from Castle Tempelhoff, a dark fortress in which their enjoy their immortal lives, and indulge in the consumption of blood. They hold a bitter hatred for The Empire, and a desire to own their lands. However, due to The Empires treaties with Brettonia and the Dwarves, they stay in their dark twisted lands.

Despite it's harshness, a few humans live in Sylvania. All of them are under the protection of the Von Carstine Family, and need only pay him with their blood. Once a year, one adult is chosen from every village to be sacrificed to the Vampires. So long as this law is kept, their villages remain unharmed, and even happy and prosperous.

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