The Lie

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To go on without you feels like a lie, one I don't want to tell

An allusion I tell myself to get past the heart break

To get over you again or at least build a wall so I don't feel

Can I really do it when going on means I could lose you

I don't want you to leave I'd give up everything for you

No one else can compare to what you are to me

Being with someone else would be a lie when my heart wants you

Torn up over you, the pain is as a knife ripping through my heart

I buckle under the pressure and I explod from trying to hold it all in

I feel my heart pouring out of my eyes when no one is listening or around

I can't tell you how much you mean to me I can't hold you close

I want to feel your arms around me and you breathing gently next to me

I want to tell you how relaxed you make me when you are near

That my laugh you always hear is only because I'm that happy to be with you

It's not good bye but it's not forever and I don't know if I'm happy or sad

Maybe the lie that I keep telling myself will be real, maybe I don't need you

We both know it's a lie and it doesn't help really but I try

Maybe one day it'll be true and you will be right I can go on

For now I am going to hold on to that lie and keep my head above water

I am sorry I can't be stronger when I should or when you need me to be

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