Chapter 5

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*3 months later*
"What are you doing after work?" I asked Kathryn as we finished wiping down tables.
"Nothing. I don't really have people to hangout with." She shrugged and threw the cloth into the sink.
"Why don't you come with me to Marks house. I'm hanging out with Amy since Mark, Tyler, and Ethan are out." I placed my cloth in the sink and untied my apron.
"Do you think Amy would even want me there? I've only met them a few times. I doubt any of them know my name." Kathryn took my apron and hung them up.
"Well they could get to know you. Amy would probably love having another girl over." I insisted as we walked out and locked the shop.
"I mean I guess I could." We walked over to my car and got in.
"It's still so weird that I'm friends with someone who is literally part of Marks team." Kathryn laughed quietly.
"I may be friends with them but I'm not part of his team" I started up the car and started the short drive over to the house.
"You've been in so many videos with them and your an official editor of Marks. Plus all of his subscribers love you. I think that makes you a member." She opened up her phone and scrolled through Twitter. I thought about the fact that I was officially one of Marks editors. I spent most of my free time with them. I guess I just couldn't grasp the fact that I was actually part of a friend group as amazing as them.

We pulled up to the house and got out.
"Welcome to the Markiplier home." I light nudged her as we walked up to the door. I opened the door without a care and walked in.
"I'm here Amy! I brought Kathryn!" I called out as we entered the living room. Amy came down the stairs with a smile spread on her face.
"Hey guys!" She said as she gave us each a hug.
"Amy this is Kathryn. Kathryn this is Amy." I introduced them and Kathryn seemed even more nervous than the first time.
"It's nice to see you again Kathryn." Amy smiled at her and we all sat down on the couch. Amy tossed me the controller so I could control the music. This place was like a second home to me at this point.
"So what do you guys wanna do first?" I asked, putting on one of mine and Amy's favorite songs.
"We can do face masks." Amy offered. I looked over at Kathryn who was unusually quiet. We all stood up and walked up to the upstairs bathroom. Amy pulled out 3 different lush face masks and we picked out. I decided to use 'Don't look at me' because the blue was such a pretty color. I applied the mask to my face and cringed at the strange consistency.
"It feels so weird" I continued to spread it all over.
"They're also super cold." Kathryn laughed.
"Yeah they usually aren't so cold" Amy frowned as she struggled to spread the mask.
"When are the guys supposed to be back?" I asked as I covered the mask and set it on the counter.
"In like 2 hours or so." Amy doubled checked herself in the mirror before setting the mask down.
"Have you met the guys yet Kathryn?" Amy questioned.
"I've somewhat met Mark a couple of times. I have yet to meet Ethan and Tyler." She replied as she finished up her mask.
"I think Tyler would have a interest in you. You both give off the same vibes." Amy teased her as we made our way downstairs again. I mumbled the lyrics to 'no ones gonna need you more' by the dangerous summer.
"I love this song!" Kathryn chirped.
"I used to listen to this all the time!" Amy turned up the music and we all began dancing around and singing.
"I couldn't make it past those eyes!" I shouted as looked at Amy.
"I think I feel like the wind. Sometimes I wish we'd try to begin." Kathryn smiled wide. It made me happy to see her genuinely happy about something.
"No ones gonna need you more! No ones gonna need you more!" We all sang together.

We continued on singing and dancing, only stopping to remove our face masks. We came to a stop when we heard the front door open. Kathryn lowered the volume and we turned to the direction of the door.
"We're back!" Tyler called out as they entered the living room.
"Oh hey guys." Mark said, tossing his jacket onto the couch.
"How did the filming go?" I asked.
"It went really well. I'll need you tomorrow either before or after work to meet me at the office" Mark explained.
"Alright. I don't work tomorrow so I can be there at anytime." I gave him a smile and turned my attention towards Kathryn.
"Oh yeah this is (y/n) friend Kathryn. She's amazing." Amy walked over and put her hand on Kat's shoulder. All three guys looked in her direction.
"Nice to meet you Kathryn." Tyler smiled at her and gave her a hug. I looked at her face and she was blushing uncontrollably.
"Great to finally meet you." Ethan gave her a warm smile before he walked over to me.
"Can we go hangout? I've had a rough day..." Ethan whispered. I turned to Kathryn who was now lost in conversation with Tyler.
"Yeah. Just let tell Kathryn." I walked over to her and tapped her shoulder.
"What's up?" She asked.
"I'm just letting you know that I'm leaving. Ethan wants to go so is it cool if I leave you here or do you want a ride back?" I questioned.
"I can give her a ride later." Tyler placed arm around her shoulders. I could tell he was already fond of her.
"Well alright. See you guys later." I walked back over to Ethan and we linked arms.

We walked into my apartment and sat ourselves on the couch.
"So what made today so rough?" I asked as he laid down with his head in my lap.
"I'm just stressed over getting videos out and editing. Plus helping out Mark." Ethan grabbed my hand and started examining it. He played with my hand and I smiled to myself.
"You know I'm always here. I can help you with editing. It's not a big deal." I brought my other hand up to his hair and ran my fingers through his freshly dyed hair.
"I know but you also edit for Mark now along with your videos." He sighed
"Kathryn is a fantastic editor. I can ask her to do Marks videos while I help you with yours." Ethan dropped my hand and looked up at me.
"You're truly one of the best people ever." He said.
"Well I'll do whatever it takes to keep my best friend happy." I tapped the tip of his nose.
"Thank you so much." He closed his eyes and sighed.
"Get some rest." I mumbled, continuing to play with his hair.

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