Chapter 34 - Home We Go

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Chapter 34 – Home We Go

This was impossible. There was no rhyme or reason as to how the treasures were stored. The Heart could be absolutely anywhere inside the massive room. Sylara rubbed at her eyes, wiping the blurriness away as she continued looking. They'd rode hard to reach Evenmoore and now spent the better part of the night searching for the Heart. And once they found it they would be off again. But hopefully they could catch a bit of rest before then, she thought stifling another yawn.

It wasn't until she looked around at the others who were quickly tiring just like she was, that she had an idea. Not a new idea mind you, but one that just might work in this situation. Walking towards the captain of Evenmoore's guard she finalized the plan in her mind as quickly as possible.

"Captain Dashiell? You have a falconry somewhere on castle grounds, yes?" Confused by such a random question coming from the elf warrior, the mortal captain nodded slowly before responding.

"Yes. It's just off the garrison. Why?"

"What is your strongest bird of prey?"

"I suppose that would be the Peregrines." By this time, she saw Rhydian's head shoot up as he listened to her questions. Her dark fae prince wasn't one to easily be fooled and put together her odd line of questioning quite easily. She watched as he marched down the row towards her and the captain.

"Good. Can you go fetch one?"

"You want... a falcon?"

"Yes and the sooner the better." Her tone left no room for questions as the bemused captain turned jogging out of the room into the corridor.


"Before you start, this is the best chance we have. You draw strength from the bird and join forces with my sight. Together we can do this." Rhydian's piercing blue eyes bore into her own. Seconds blinked by without a word spoken between them when he finally ran a hand through his hair. She knew that was a sign he was giving in.

"We'll try it once. Understood?"

"Perfectly!" Sylara tiptoed, pressing a kiss to Rhydian's cheek before he pulled her into a tighter embrace. Within minutes the captain came trotting back with a rather large cage in hand. She heard flapping coming from inside. The arrival of the captain attracted the attention of the others who were now looking on curiously from various corners of the room.

"If anything goes wrong..."

"It won't. I trust you," Sylara reassured him as they stepped apart. Rhydian's eyes closed as his breathing grew slower, deeper. She let her eyes flutter close, reaching inside herself to feel her gift. Tingles of nerves erupted inside her stomach. She spoke so positively aloud to Rhydian but withheld one very important point from him. She'd never been able to call her gift of sight at will. It simply showed up randomly time to time or whenever she was in battle. Despite knowing this, she still believed they could make this work if they both concentrated. They had a connection, she was sure of it.

Before long, she felt a warmth wash over her. He hadn't just tapped into his animalistic gift but the other as well, combining them as he pushed them towards her. A calm wave of peace engulfed her, soaking inward to her core. Relaxed, she felt the tell-tale tingles of her powers flow down her arms, settling in her fingers. Pulsing stronger than anything she'd ever felt, it wanted out. She reached into the recesses of her mind, searching for her sight. As if waking from sleep, it fluttered to life slowly. The image was blurry at first, clearing slowly until she could see exactly where the Heart lay inside the cavernous room.

Sylara ran between the rows of shelves and tables pausing now and then to get her bearings. Near the back-right corner of the vault sat a trunk. Several tapestries were stacked atop it almost hiding it from view. Skidding to a stop, she dropped to her knees. Her hands pushed the tapestries off letting them hit the floor where they slid. Without pause, she opened the heavy lid, it's creaks groaning out for all to hear. That's when she felt his presence leave her, startling her by its sudden withdraw. Her hands shook as she dug inside the large wooden chest pushing passed gold and silver coins until her fingers felt something smooth.

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