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"Honestly Chanyeol, you would have been fine had you not popped one right there on his back in the middle of the hallway," Jongdae said, twirling his water gun around on his finger. We had skipped classes again, and the whole gang was together except for Yifan. He had run off somewhere after i had been flipped. 

"Nah, Byun would have found some other reason to beat me up anyway. I guarantee it," I said, plopping down on the park grass. "It just seems like that's the way it is with him."

"What I don't get is why you popped one. Last we checked you were asexual," Sehun said, sitting next to me. He knew very well I wasn't asexual, as did the rest of the. I just wasn't turned on very easily, and when you really only have girls throwing themselves at you when your're gay, you definitely don't get turned on that much. 

"You know very well I'm not. But there was just something about that boy that made my little friend excited," I said. I thought back to Baekhyun. His tiny waist, his thick thighs, the thickness of the eyeliner around his eyes. He was beautiful, no doubt about it. And it wasn't the first time I had seen him around school either. 

"Chanyeol, you're red dude. Are you okay?" Junmyeon asked, waving his hand in front of my face. I just nodded, not sure why I was blushing. Maybe it was just the heat.

"He's probably thinking about Baekhyun again, that's why he's red," Jongin said, snickering to himself while he sipped on his smoothie. I just shook my head, lifting my hand in a mock threat to hit him. 

"Yeah, says the one who has a crush on Byuns best friend," I said. Jongin choked on his smoothie, and I could tell I hit a nerve. He had told us about the situation in the library, and how he had almost started to like Kyungsoo. 

"It's not a crush, more like an interest. He's... different, I guess. He did the same thing to me that I've been doing to boys for years. It felt weird," he said, his gaze focusing on something in the distance as he thought back to the boy. "His chocolate eyes, the dark hair, how short he was. That heart shaped smile that I saw the other day in the cafeteria."

"Oh god, he's head over heels!" Jongdae said, spraying Jongin with his water gun. Jongin snapped out of his trance, glaring daggers at Dae as he got up to chase Dae around. Jongdae just laughed, running to climb up one of the trees that were around. 

"Don't go hurting yourselves! Minseok and Kyungsoo will never like you if you can't walk anymore!" Junmyeon shouted, his mom voice coming out. It was funny, watching them. It was liking watching a mother yell at her two infant sons.

"Anyway. Back to Chanyeol," Sehun said, turning to look at me again. "What do you plan to do? Didn't you say Jongin said they were our new victims?" 

"Honestly, it seems like we're more their victims than they are ours. Two of us have crushes, one of us is too cold to notice when his face heats up around Luhan, one already kissed Minseok. We don't know what the deal is with Yifan and that panda kid, and Byun and I hate each other." I turned to look at the two of them. "There's only so much we can do at this point. Honestly I'd say it's a lost cause."

"Chanyeol, you and Baekhyun don't hate each other. He hates you. You like him. There's a difference," a deep voice behind us said. We all turned around, finding Yifan limping over towards us. 

"What happened to you?" Jongdae asked. Yifan just snarled, sitting down next to me. He seemed angered, yet hurt at the same time. 

"Some things happened on the school roof. That's all. Nothing you need to know about," Yifan said. The rest of us shared a look, and we all surrounded him, leaning in close. 

"Did you make a move?" Jongin asked, smirking. Yifan turned bright red, redder than the red in Sehun's hair. We all laughed, backing away. His blush was enough of an answer already. "And I'm guessing he got rejected in a terrible way, considering he was limping."

"I rather not talk about it," Yifan said, his head dropping and his voice barely a whisper. The rest of us laughed again, rolling around in the grass like a bunch of idiots. It was a rare sight to see Yifan getting so flustered, and it was an amusing sight. The cold hearted leader of the group, getting flustered over a boy he had only met a couple of different times. 

"Chanyeol, you're in the same situation I am. You like them, they hate you. How on earth are you not dying?" Yifan asked, looking at me. "And you had pain inflicted on you as well, same as me. Again, how are you not dying?"

"In all honesty, I really don't know. The aching in my back says I probably am, and the boner earlier said the same thing. But in the end I'm just denying everything that everyone is telling me and I'm doing fine," I said. In reality, I wasn't doing fine. 

Did I like Byun? It was obvious he hated me, whether I wanted to admit it or not. 

"Speaking of them," Sehun said, looking to one of the park paths. "Would you look at that, it's the entire batch of them together again. I wonder how they changed so fast? School just ended."

Sure enough, there was the lot of them, walking along one of the paths not too far away from us. They were all in pastel clothes, ranging from baby blue to pastel pink. Almost all of them had white jeans on, their hair styled to make it look even fluffier than normal. They were laughing among themselves about something, smiles spread wide on all their faces. 

All six of us froze, staring at them as they passed by us. They took now notice of us, but I don't think any of us cared. We were more focused on how... ethereal they all looked. The way his eyes turned into crescents, his mouth turned upward to show his blinding white teeth. His chocolate eyes, the way his hair bounced as he walked. The way he called my name...

"Chanyeol, snap out of it! They're gone already! Jesus, dude. You like him alright," Jongdae said, waving his hand in front of my face. "Look at him, he's all red!"

"Okay, so maybe I do like Baekhyun. Not like it matters, he hates me. There's absolutely no chance with him," I said. I just looked down, trying to hide my disappointment. I knew Baekhyun hated me, though I wasn't entirely sure why. He had seemed to like me that one day, but what had changed?

What do I have to do to get your heart, like you got mine, Byun?

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