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I knew what Luhan was telling Sehun. I couldn't hear their conversation, but I knew. Call it Alpha's intuition. I knew very well that he was telling Sehun the exact thing I was too scared to tell Jongdae. 

That we would have to mate before Luhan and I were forced to if we wanted to be together. 

"Min, you gotta talk to me. Isn't there someway that we can still be together?" Jongdae asked. We were in my room, curled up together on my bed. It felt safe, being in his arms. Nice and warm, too. 

"There is, but we won't do it if you want us to die or if you don't want me to be shipped off to China," I said. He sighed, and I knew I disappointed him. But it was better for his safety. If I didn't manage to keep him safe, I'd kill myself. 

"Why must you have been born into that stupid gang," he asked. I shrugged, turning away from him and staring at the wall. 

It hurt, hearing him say that. I didn't want to be born into the gang, but I didn't have a choice. And with my dad being one of the alphas, I was screwed even more. But what hurt worse was the fact that it came out of Jongdae's mouth. Jongdae was so, just... perfect, and I didn't want him to get hurt because of me and my family. 

Jongdae came at a point in my life that I didn't want him to. A funny, adorable, cheeky, happy-go-lucky, innocent guy like him didn't belong in a life like mine. A life of running, of fighting, of rules, of death. He belonged out in the brighter world, not the dark world that was my life. 

But genius me fell for him. And there was nothing I was going to be able to about that. 

I felt a hand move from my stomach, to go slowly lower. I panicked, quickly grabbing it, and flipping my body around. Jongdae's eyes were wide, his wrist still gripped tightly in my fist. 

"What are you doing?" I asked, my voice clearly laced with panic. He just stared at me,his expression softening as he used his other hand to cup my cheek. 

"My hand just moved slightly. It's fine, I promise. I wouldn't do anything without your permission, ever," he said. I relaxed, hearing those words. That was the first time I had ever heard those words in my life. 

"You're too perfect for me, Jongdae," I said. "You're too good, too nice, too happy for someone like me. You deserve someone better, someone safer. You deserve to be happy."

"I am happy," he said. "I get to stay here with you, holding you in my arms. Even if we won't be together for much longer, the time that we've spent together will be better than anything I could've ever imagined."

"I wish we could be together. But the only to do that is to-" I cut myself off, catching myself before I finished my sentence. I couldn't tell him, there was no way. It would get him or I killed. 

"What? What is it?" he asked. I could hear the hope in his voice, and I wanted nothing more than to let him keep that hope. I knew Luhan told Sehun, but could I really tell Jongdae? 

"It's..... we'd have to have sex, Jongdae. If anyone of us six mate with anyone of the six of you before Luhan and I mate, or the other four mate with anyone else, then we'll officially be a mated pair," I explained. "It links us physically and mentally. But that's partially why when any of the lower four get a mate, it's someone in the gang. Because there's certain aspects in our bloodline that make us different than normal people."

"What is it?" he asked. The fact that he didn't mention the us having to have sex part startled me, but I couldn't let it phase me too much. Him and I needed to talk about this and see what we could do. 

"Something when the gang was first formed. Something in the record books about how the first pack was werewolves, but after breeding with humans for a bit the bloodline was deluded. That's why we don't mate with anyone outside the gang: an attempt to preserve the bloodline," I said, sitting up as realization hit me. 

"I'm going to have to talk to Baekhyun... he's read everything there is to know out there. I'm sure he's read the history records at some point," I said, getting off of the bed. While my alarm clock read 1:27 in the morning, I didn't care. I knew no one else was asleep.

I walked out of my room, making my way down the hallway. Baekhyun's room was on the other end of the hallway from mine, him tending to be the noisiest member. I pounded on the door when I got there, and it opened to reveal a disgruntled Baekhyun. 

"You've read the gangs history records, right?" I asked. He nodded, pointing his thumb behind him at his computer. 

"Have the entirety of it downloaded and saved on that thing. Why?" he asked. I shoved past him, walking to the computer. I ignored the half naked Chanyeol passed out on his bed, figuring whatever they were doing was none of my business. 

"I need you to get in there and find the record on the very first pack of our gang," I said. His face contorted in confusion, but he did as I asked anyway. He plopped in his chair, logging on to his computer. 

"Let's see. First record, volume one..." he said, scrolling through what seemed to be thousands of files saved on his computer. He finally stopped and clicked on one at the very bottom..

"Well, hear you go. Don't exactly know what you're looking for though," he said, getting up so I could take over his spot at the computer. I quickly sat down, scrolling through page after page of the record. 

Let's see. The first pack was a bunch of werewolves, who migrated from Jeju to Gwangju about four hundred years ago. Most of them were brothers and sisters, so they wished to mate with someone outside of their family. They were stationed near a small village, and went there hunting for mates...

They mated with humans, creating a sub-monster. Could transform like the werewolves, but not quite as graceful of a creature as the originals. Seems they kept mating with humans long enough that it deluded the bloodline. Made it so they could blend in with humans much easier.

Around 1847, the pack decided they had had enough. If they continued to mate with humans, then the bloodline would become so deluded that there would be no more wolf blood left in them. The leaders agreed that they would no longer mate with humans, until they decided the bloodline was okay to be passed into humans again. 

Unfortunately, before they could reveal the rest of the plan to the upcoming alphas, disaster struck. The leading six were killed in battle, and the next six only knew of the fact they weren't allowed to mate with anyone outside the pack. That tradition was passed on, no one ever knowing that the bloodline  could be passed to humans once again.

"Baekhyun! Go wake everyone up and get in here!" I shouted. I could hear him shout back from the kitchen, dragging his way through the hallway to wake everyone up. Everyone slowly made their way inside, Jongdae being the first ones in. 

"What is this about, Minseok? What's going on?" Luhan asked, stepping out from behind Yifan. 

"I may have just found a way around our problem. And it could come without anyone getting killed," I said. 

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