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"Why do I get the strong feeling you're avoiding me," a voice behind me said. I turned around, only to find Yifan standing behind me.

I had left the dorm about an hour before, wanting to get out of there. What Minseok had discovered last night was definitely appealing, but I wasn't sure how I felt about anyone yet. I knew Yifan liked me, he had made that obvious enough on the rooftop a few days prior. BUt that didn't mean I felt the same way.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I just simply wanted to get out of the dorm," I said, turning back around. I continued walking, praying he would just leave me alone. I was in the middle of the park, finding it the most peaceful place. Surrounded by trees and happy families, it was one of my favorite spots to go to get away.

In reality, I was most definitely trying to avoid Yifan. After the events in the alley with him after the talk with Minghao, I had kissed him. I knew it made him feel better about himself, but that didn't mean anything for me. I had never actually liked anyone before, so how was I supposed to know?

"You're lying, I can tell. Don't lie to me, Taozi. I know you like me and are avoiding me because of it," he said. The half cockiness in his voice had started to piss me off. Who did this guy think he was talking to?

"Excuse me? Who are you to say that I like you? How do you know my feelings, huh? You're not Kyungsoo! You're not trained to feel people's emotions!" I said, turning to look at him. He had a sly smirk on his face, and I wanted nothing more than to slap it off of his face.

"I think thou dost protest too loudly," he said in english. I barely understood the language, but I got the jist of what he was saying. Basically that I was complaining too much for it to not be true.

"Oh, go to hell," I said, turning back around. I broke into a run, hoping it would get him to back off. I stormed away, turning away from the park. I would head back towards the alleys, where I'm sure I would run into someone from my gang that wasn't the six I was closest with.

I quickly turned, heading down an alley next to one of the cafe's. It was one I recognized; granted, I recognized most of them throughout our part of the city at this point. Members of my gang were scattered through the ones I weaved my way through, but none of them were ones I wanted anything to do with. They all bowed to me, recognizing me as the son of the gamma. Oh boy, what fun.

I finally stopped when I came across Minghao. He was with Junhui, which wasn't a surprise. The two were a mated pair, after all. They bowed, and I just gave a kurt nod back.

"Did you finally manage to get rid of those six?"Minghao asked. I shook my head, and you could see the disappointment in his face.

"Not even close. Everyone but Yixing and I have a fling with one of them, and they're trying to find a way to be together without us going back to China or anyone being killed," I said. He sighed, annoyance obvious in his voice.

I could tell he didn't want to hear it. Yes, our mates for the gang at the position I had required me to marry someone of the opposite sex. However, Minghao was a bit of an odd case. For yes, he was a boy. But not in the gangs records, or on his birth certificate. Minghao was trans, and everyone knew it. But as far as our parents were concerned, he was a girl and was able to marry me.

"I'm working on it, I promise. I just don't want anyone getting hurt," I said. He nodded, clinging to Junhui. It was common knowledge the two were a mated pair, and our parents and the alpha would try not to have us marry each other if we didn't have to. However, that means nothing for if they feel the need to punish us. Yes, Junhui and Minghao were a mated pair. However, I had no mate. So they would do whatever it took if they found me with someone I shouldn't be with.

"You better hurry up with that. Because if you don't, we'll be screwed," he said. I nodded, looking down. He was right, but I was still in a terrible situation.

Did I follow Minseok, and possibly fall for Yifan? Or did I follow my role as Gamma in training and ditch them all? What would happen if I did follow Minseok? Chances were I would wind up either dying or being sent back to China. And if that didn't happen, and we all got the chance to be together and be mates, what would happen then? Would I fall for Yifan like the other four fell? Or would I just be there, with him following me around on occasion because he isn't allowed in the gang?

I didn't know what to do, but it was also hard to say whether or not it would matter. If I followed Minseok, I was likely to die. If I didn't, the rest of the group would likely leave me behind. Maybe Yixing would stay with me, but I knew he wanted out of the gang as much as I did. And of that meant having to be with Yifan for me and Junmyeon for him, then so be it. But I had a strong feeling it wasnt going to go quite as we planned.

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