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  "You're the wolf gang of Gwangju," he said. I could see the sparkle in his eyes soon turn to hatred. "You guys are infamous for being ruthless and stealthy. You guys killed my cousins family!"

I don't know what I was expecting when I told him who we were. Not many people can hear that the person they have a crush on is a member of one of the most elite gangs in all of South Korea and be okay with it. 

"Listen, Jongin. That wasn't actually us. That was other members. Technically, we aren't even officially members yet," I explained. He shifted his body further away from me, confusion and anger clear on his face.  "Come the next full moon, you six need to get out of town. Things are going to happen that night that you aren't going to want to witness. It's best if you get out of here before it can happen."

"What's gonna happen? Do the others have any idea what's going on? What does that mean for Minseok and Jongdae? Why are we going to die?" he asked, his voice rushed and his face turning red. I walked towards him, reaching up and cupping his face in my hands. He relaxed a little as he looked into my eyes, but I could tell he was still tensed up. 

"None of you are going to die, if you listen properly. Minseok and Jongdae will wind up having to break up, and quickly. The only other ones that have any idea what's going on will be Yifan and Junmyeon. That's why Minseok walked off with them. In order for you to understand anything that's going on here, I need to explain our gang to you.

"As you already know, we're the Exotics, better known as the Wolf Gang of Gwangju. Our main headquarters is there, but we have multiple base camps scattered throughout all of South Korea. We have two leaders, known as the alphas. Two main henchmen that follow right behind them, known as the betas. Then we have the Gammas, who hold almost the same rank as beta. While in a normal wolf pack they would be the oldest, in our gang they're the ones who train the newer recruits. Beyond that are the different ranks: deltas, epsilons, omegas, pups. The lost goes on and on. 

"After the alphas, betas, and gammas decide to pass down the leadership, its goes to the next in line for the positions. This always, always, is the children of those three positions. And unfortunately for me, that's my group. And come the full moon, the position of our parenst will be passed down to us," I finished. His face was twisted in confusion, his brain trying to comprehend everything I had told him. 

"So if you six are the sons of the gangs main six, then who's going to be who?" he asked. I sighed, knowing that in doing this I was going against the gang. But in all honesty, I didn't care. I cared more for his safety than anything else. 

"Minseok and Luhan are set to become alphas. Baekhyun and Yixing will be Betas, while Zitao and I will become gammas. Come the full moon, it will all be official. And if any of you guys are there when it happens, you will all be killed. And we'll be forced to watch."

"But what about Minseok and Jongdae? Everyone knows that they like each other. Sehun and Luhan too!" He shouted.

A knock on the door interrupted us. "Yes?" I shouted. The door opened to reveal a pale Luhan.

"Minseok wants you two in the living room. He already explained everything to everyone else, but he hasn't told anyone about whats going to happen when him and I become alphas yet," LUhan said. I nodded, following him. Jongin followed close behind me, and i could feel the shakiness of his aura from the four feet in front of him I was. 

Jongin sat on the couch when we reached the living room. All of my gang members were standing, so i soon joined them. 

"Now that we have everyone here, I'll begin," Minseok said. His voice was steady, but I could feel his energy levels wavering. He was nervous, and didn't want to do this at all. But we was to be alpha, so he had no choice. He had to break it off, or else things would just get too far and get worse. 

"AS most of you can probably guess, Jongdae and I have a special... relationship, I guess you could call it. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to end it soon. And while Sehun and Luhan aren't in a relationship, I'm afraid they can not get any closer or advance any further. For come the next full moon, Luhan and I will become the new alphas of the gang. And, with that, will be forced to become a mated pair. Meaning him and i will be in a relationship," Minseok explained. 

I could see the hurt on Jongdae's face. Sehun, for once, was showing actual emotion in his anger. "You mean we don't even get a chance?" he asked. We all nodded, looking at the rst of them. 

"Technically, Yixing and Baekhyun could become a mated pair as well. As could Kyungsoo and Zitao. But they won't. Minseok and I have to, or else the tradition of our gang will be ruined," Luhan explained. I could feel the pain in his energy, but his voice was like Minseok's: steady. 

"Now, due to us both being male, it's likely he'll have to mate with my sister. That way he can have children, and an alpha will be in training. Of course, my sister holds her own rank here. She's the only daughter of my parents, so she'll become next of kin for me. In the event I die, she will become the new alpha and become Luhan's official mate," Minseok said. 

As if on cue, Minseok's sister came out from the kitchen. she walked straight to Luhan, wrapping her hand in his. He turned his head, kissing her cheek. 

"Something you need to understand here. None of us actually want to do this. Luhan doesn't want to mate with Sooyoung, just as much as she doesn't want to mate with him. All of us would much, much rather be in a relationship with all of you. I can tell all of you love us, and while I can't guarantee we love you, we all most definitely like you," I said, cutting in. "But in order to keep you safe, we have to do this."

"Why can't you all just leave the gang? You could leave, run away to somewhere that we can all be together. We could even bring Sooyoung with us," Chanyeol said. His comment was directed at all of us, but his gaze was fixed on Baekhyun. 

"That's easier said than done, Chanyeol. Because the minute we try to run, unimaginable things will come after us. Things you would never wish to see. I pray you never see them," Baekhyun said. All six of us tensed, knowing exactly what he was talking about. 

"What 'things' are you talking about?" Jongdae asked. We all looked at each other, before looking back at them. 

"Let's just say you aren't the first person who suggested we run. Many others before have as well. But not all of them got away. And those that get caught.... get turned into monsters." Zitao said. 

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