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  "I may have just found a way around our problem. And it could come without anyone getting killed," Minseok said. We all just stared at him, shocked. Wasn't he the one most against all of us being together? Not that I necessarily cared, I wasn't exactly into Junmyeon like the others were with their crushes.   

He went on to explain that he had read the records, and that one of the packs had agreed that while they wouldn't mate with humans for a while, they would be able to decide when they wanted to be able to mate with humans again they would come together and agree on it again, but the fact of that was lost in history so all the generations after that were hung up on the idea that they just weren't allowed to mate with humans anymore. 

"So, if we take this information to our parents, maybe we can change the course of history. Maybe we can make our relationships happen," Minseok said, finishing. The others looked at each other, a mix of hope and concern in their eyes. The only one who didn't look like that was Zitao. He was in the same boat I was, not entirely sure if he actually liked Yifan or not. 

"Whatever. We'll have to see, but for some reason I don't see our parents accepting that," I said. Zitao nodded, and I could tell the rest of them didn't want to hear it. I looked over to Junmyeon, finding him staring at me. "While I want the rest of you to be happy, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this whole thing."

"I'm with Yixing on this. While I'd love for the rest of you to be happy, I'm not sure how I feel in this while situation anyway. So while all of you go try and figure this out, I'm going back to bed," Zitao said. I nodded, waving goodbye as I followed him out of Baekhyun's room. 

"Can I sleep with you tonight? I don't want to sleep in my room, Yifan is staying in there," Zitao said. I nodded, wrapping my arm around his shoulder as we made our way to my room. We made our way in, both of us plopping on my bed exhausted. It wasn't the first time Tao was spending the night in my room, and I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be the last either. 

I fell asleep that night thinking about one thing.

What was I going to do with Junmyeon?


"Yixing-ah, go on a date with me," a voice said, waking me from my sleep. I was facing my wall, and since there was nothing there, it meant that Tao was awake already. I rolled over, finding Junmyeon standing over me. His words hadn't exactly registered yet, so all I knew was that he had woken me up. 

"What do you want?" I asked, rubbing my eyes as I sat up. He just looked down, and it took a minute for me to remember I didn't have a shirt on. I slept without one in general, so this was a normal for me. But considering I didn't know when Junmyeon got up compared to Zitao, it was hard to say whether he thought Zitao and I did something other than just sleep. 

"I want you to go on a date with me, Yixing," he said. This time, his words registered. I just stared blankly at him, not exactly sure how to respond. 

"That's nice. I'm going back to bed," I said, laying back down and pulling the covers up. I could hear a sound of slight shock leave his throat, but I didn't pay it much attention. My bed was warm and cozy and I didn't want to move. 

"Please? You don't have to go with me on any other ones if you don't want to, I promise," he said. "I know you don't exactly like me, at least not the way I want you to. And I know you probably don't want me to be your mate or whatever like the others want to be with each other. But please, just one date? If you really don't like it I'll leave you alone after that."

I rolled over, looking at him from my spot under the covers. "I'll give you one date. And that's it," I said. I could see his eyes light up, hope shining bright in them. I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I could see it made him happy. If it made him happy, then why not?


I know this chapter kind of sucked, but I wrote this at six in the morning. I couldn't figure out what to do with Sulay, so I coughed this up. Also, there will be a part five and six to this story. So don't worry, there's more to this story yet.

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