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OK Michelle. You want this. You can do it...

I picked up my phone and call my boyfriend, Jett. My heart is racing as I try to calm myself down.

"Hello?" I hear a sexy voice answer.

"Hey baby! Do you wanna come over for dinner tonight?"

"Sure thing, I'll be there in 20 minutes."

I hang up the phone and have a mini heart attack. I hurry to my room to find something to wear. I want to look good, but I didn't want him to think I tried too hard. I pick my pink sleeveless blouse with a floral skirt and brown flats. Im grateful dinner was already done because I still needed to shower and get ready.


"This is delicious," Jett said with his mouth full.

"I would hope so. It's my grandmother's recipe."

When we finish dinner, Jett puts away the leftovers as I wash the d dishes.

"Are you okay, Michelle?" He asks me.

"Yeh, why'd you ask?"

"It seems like you have something bothering you."

I hesitated. Should I ask him tonight or sometime later?

"I uhh...," I started. I'm nervous to ask and it might sound.  "I want to have sex..."

Shock was shown all over Jett's face. I knew I shouldn't have asked him. This is so embarrassing.

"Are you sure. I mean.... you're still a vir-"

"I know! That's why I want to," I say and turn away forcing away tears. This was a bad idea.

"It's fine, we can if you want to. I just wanted to make sure you were ready."

He hugs me and kisses me behind my ear, which made me shiver.

Jett traced kisses from my ear until he reached my mouth. His lips were soft and passionate against mine.

I grab his face to deepen the kiss because I was feeling bold. He put me onto the counter while we made out. After a few minutes, I felt myself being carried to my bedroom, then thrown onto my bed. I gasped when he pulled off my shirt and then his. His body was so warm against mine. I tug on his belt as he kisses my neck.

"A little fast, eh," he says with a chuckle.

I felt my skirt being taken off, but I didn't process it, so it surprised me when kissed my thigh right next to my.... *gulp*

I looked at him right as he started pulling down my undies. With his teeth!!

This is moving too slowly.

I grab his hair and smash to me. He made a weird noise but he didn't pull back. His tongue moved rapidly up and down my fold. I make some kind of noise and I bite my lip to stop it.

"Don't hold it in."

How did he...
He starts to rub my clit and my heart rate shoots through the roof. Then, in an instant, he was back at my lips, kissing me hungrily.

"Are you ready?"

I was breathless and couldn't speak, so I nodded.


He took off his pants and boxers in one move. He was already hard and erect, and positioned the tip at my entrance. I start to panic.

"WAIT!!" I scream.

He looks into my eyes with worry.

"What is it? Are you ok? Are you hurt?"

I hesitate.

"I love you," I say and he visibly relaxes.

"I love you too."

And with that, he pushes into me, slowly. I grab the sheets and a moan escapes my lips. There's a little pain, but I can take it. He starts to make a steady, easy rhythm as I get used to his size.

By now, he's going to slow, and I grab his waist, pulling him deeper into me.

"Faster," I say, my voice barely a whisper.

He obeys and thrusts into me faster. I arch my back towards him while he bites and sucks on my neck.

I'm scratching his back and tangling my fingers in his which encourages him. He's now straining his muscles. Deeper. Harder. Faster.

There was a pressure rising in the pit of my stomach. I held it in thinking something bad would happen. He kept pounding into me, and suddenly, u couldn't hold back the pressure.

I came hard and my body made lots of involuntary movements. He was still thrusting and grunting while I was floating. I didn't want this feeling to end, but he cried out and released himself on my stomach.

I laid there exhausted while he went to get towel. When he came back, he cleaned my stomach and cuddled me.

"I didn't peg you as a screamer," he said into my ear.

"A screamer?"

"Yeah, you screamed when you came."

Now that I think about it, my throat was a little sore.

I shrugged and let my eyes drift shut.

The last thing I felt before I slipped into slumber was a soft kiss on my shoulder.

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