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♥♥Narrator's Point Of View♥♥

(Starfire) Okay so beastboy you turn into a fly and transform back to yourself and unlock the door.

(beastboy)okay *turns into a fly gets the key and unlocks the teen titans and Dylan.*

(Raven):For once in your life you do something good and not something that could I don't know put us in danger!!!


(Robin)okay okay both of  you stop!! Where not going to get nowhere if we keep fighting like this!

(Starfire)Robin is the right! So please friends do not do the fighting!

(Cyborg) okay ya'll, let's go do what we have to do so..come on green stain and Raven.

(Raven)um..since when do you give orders to me?

(Cyborg)Raven....let's just go before it's too late.

(Raven)Okay come on Beastboy!

(beastboy) okay. .

(Robin) Call us if you find something!


(Starfire) okay let's begin the searching!

(Dylan) Okay whatever you say beautiful...

(Robin) I think I'm about to punch your face!

(Dylan) Okay okay I will shut up.

(Starfire )okay we will start the searching in the park!

♥♥Raven's Point Of View♥♥

The boy's where in there computers searching tracks that kitten or slade could have left.It was the usual beastboy and cyborg fighting over who is right or wrong .Well I guess that's how boy's act.

"Hey Rae, I'm right? "

"No way I'm right! "

"In your dreams Cy!"

"Man I. can beat you at video games I can totally beat you on this discussion! "

"Dude no fair! You only win because I get destructed by people!"

"BOTH OF YOU STOP YOUR STUPID ARGUMENT!!!!!!!"I said almost on fire and yup that's how mad I was.

"Sorry Rae-Rae"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!!" when I said that a glass of water that was in a table shattered out of nowhere until I noticed it was my emotions that did that.

"Raven did y-you just brake that glass of water with your emotions!?"

"Yeah..."I said shyly

"Dude that was Awesome!!!!"

"Man Raven your really mad! Maybe you should go to your room and meditate."

"Yeah maybe I should.Tell me if you have news!"

"Sure Rae!"

I left to my room I sat on the floor I started to meditate. "Azarath-Metrion-Zinthos.Azarath-Metrion-Zinthos.

I got like a vision. And I saw SLADE AND KITTEN! they where by the park and so was starfire, Robin, and Dylan.

Slade was actually expecting them.Then Kitten brought all the killer moths and slade him Robots.There where to many to fight.And I saw the most horrifying thing!I ran where beastboy and cyborg.They saw me scared and sweaty.

"Raven what's wrong? "

"I-I s-saw something horrifying!!" I said with words I couldn't say directly.

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