9 - Decision

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All phrase could describe love.
All act could represent love.
Including sacrifices, smiles, tears, goodbyes, forgives and forgets.
Because sometimes love is about letting go.



"Do you..love my sister?" asked Jimin unpredictably.

For a split second, Jungkook was drowned on his thought. If he said yes, it would be the first time in his life to believe and admit the existence of 'love', but there wasn't a word that could explain his feeling toward Naya as good as 'love'. So...

"I do love her, your sister.


Jungkook faced Jimin who waited for Jungkook to finish his sentence. "I think I will hurt her,"

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He clenched his fist as he disbelieved what he just heard. In one second he believed in Jungkook so much for treating her sister well, and now he felt like his trust had been collapsed with a sentence.

"Are you playing with my sister, huh?" asked Jimin with his low voice, clearly showing that he was holding his anger.

Jungkook shook his head firmly, "No. I treasure her--"

"Then why?" Jimin cut Jungkook's words with a sharp intonation. His breath became heavier.

"Because I have a little sister, too. As you do," answered Jungkook while staring at Jimin before he continued to explain his condition.

"I own so much promises toward her and I already dissapoint her for last 7 years. She was taken away from me 7 years ago. I should have searched for her but I gave up instead. Until I met your sister and she gave me courage to start all over again,"

Jimin's eyes softened when he heard those explanation. He could understand how Jungkook felt as a brother.

"And now, I can't leave my sister again. I can't let my parents take her away from me again. So..." Jungkook kneeled down in front of Jimin as he felt so wrong for hurting someone's sister that actually he loved so much.

"I'm sorry. For just coming and then leaving. For giving your sister shoulders to lean but then I take it again. But, just so you know, I never had a plan to play with her," told Jungkook with all sincerity that he had eventho his heart ached when he thought of leaving Naya. But what choice did he have? He had nothing.

Jimin froze for some seconds, didn’t know how to react when his mind was flashbacking about her sister. How Naya looked so happy when Jungkook's around. How Jungkook helped Naya to stay positive when she had problems. How Jimin felt relieved when Jungkook was there to take care of Naya when he's busy.

And imagining if Jungkook had to go....just like stabbing a knife on his chest. Because he knew how painful it would be for Naya.

"Take her with you," whispered Jimin that makes Jungkook looked at Jimin in shock. Jungkook quickly stood up and gazed at Jimin's cold eyes, just like Jungkook's eyes before he met Naya.

"What?" Jungkook asked for confirmation but Jimin declined to explain further and decided to walk away, leaving Jungkook that still disbelieving what he just heard earlier.

End of flashback.


Naya looked outside the car window and kept her mouth shut. She avoided any interaction with Jungkook after hearing Jungkook's confession earlier. She didn't even let Jungkook to explain everything.

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