Chapter 41

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Connie's weekend didn't quite go to plan. After a restless night, she'd spent the day sitting around the empty house constantly battling with herself. No matter how hard she tried, the thoughts of him wouldn't leave her alone.

Sam was on a similar path, unable to stop himself from thinking about her. The way she had been reminded him of how she was so many years ago. Connie had never been easy to read or understand and being in this limbo with her was almost painful.

The following evening, Connie tossed and turned until she glanced at the clock to see the time. It was early hours of the morning barely, but she knew there would be no sleeping again now.

Dragging herself from the bed she wandered towards the window, standing before it as she looked out over the city. Lifting her hand she placed it to the cool glass releasing a sigh. Letting her eyes drop she backed away from the window beginning to get herself changed.

At 2am, it was a wander how she could look this human. Her heels echoed through the otherwise silent corridor as she walked with her hands in her coat pockets. Her hair hung in loose curls around her shoulders, and her makeup looked flawless.

Pushing her office door open, she ignored the member of staff at reception watching her. Disappearing into her office she switched the small lamp on beside her desk before placing her bag down. Sliding out of her coat, she hung it up and took a seat leaning back in it.

Closing her eyes she ran a hand over her face. This seemed the only place she could ever focus her mind, to stop herself from thinking of other things... Other people. Switching the computer on, she pulled up her emails before grabbing a file beginning to work through her paperwork.

The night shift was dragging and Sam found himself traipsing back along the corridor after laying down in the staff room. Dragging his hands over his face he wandered into the department checking on his patients once again.

It was a tedious job when they were all sleeping, with nothing to do he returned to reception about to take a seat. As he did so, he noticed the light seeping out from beneath Connie's office door. Moving towards it, he knocked lightly before peering around the door. "Con?"

Lifting her eyes she had forgotten he would be working tonight. "What are you doing here at this time?" He let the door close gently behind himself as she dropped her eyes to her paperwork again. "Is that anything to do with you?" "Woah, I was just asking."

Connie scalded herself for snapping at him but refused to take it back. "Well in future, don't." He frowned watching as she kept her eyes down. "Con-" "What?" He shook his head sighing. "Nothing." Turning back, he left the office without another word.

When she heard the door shut, she slumped back in her chair turning it as she groaned. That was one way to deal with thinking of him. Although she knew that she'd only feel guilty and want to speak to him again later. Ignoring it for now, she returned to her paperwork but only got a few lines down when the lamp went out. "Seriously?"

Dropping the pen to the desk, she reached her hands forward in the dark to touch her desk. Standing up, she kept her hands out ahead of herself until she reached the door pulling it open hastily and leaving.

The department was empty as she strolled through it towards the store cupboard, unsure if that was even the place she'd find a bulb. Sam was filing out some notes in the on call room before wandering back along to the desk to file them.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket to see a text from Emma. Without opening it, he deleted it before pushing it back into his pocket. "Ouch..." Sam's head snapped up as he crossed the corridor to the store room seeing Connie standing on a chair, her heels discarded to the floor.

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