Chapter 5: The Girl's Are Here To Help!

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Happy and I had only cleaned up a bit when the doorbell rang. "Come in!" I called from the kitchen. I heard the door creak open. "Hey Lu..." That was Levy, as she reached the kitchen. Mira stepped out from behind her "The Hell happened here..." (ya, staying clean ain't lasting long...XD) "Juvia made cookies for lucy's baby... holy shit..." I couldn't believe how many people were here... Lisanna, Mira, Levy, Juvia, even Cana piled into the kitchen. "Fear not Lucy!" Drunk Cana yelled. "We're here to help! *hic*" I laughed. "Thanks... say, I would have thought Wendy and Erza would come with you..."

They looked at me weird. "Lucy, They're out on the Job with Gray and Natsu..." Lisanna came over and took the dishes from my hand. "Why don't you sit down and we'll take care of this." I nodded. I guess being pregnant makes you forgetful... "Arigatōgozaimashita" (Translation: Thank You.)


For the most part, I sat down at the table while everyone else cleaned and talked with me. By everyone else I mean everyone else besides Cana. Who sat on the table with me and drank, a lot. She also kept yelling at everyone else to 'Hurry up!' or 'Do you guys even know who to clean!? *hic*' and 'Shut up and get your butt in gear!' I just rolled my eyes and laughed. "Thanks for the help minna." (Translation: Everyone.) Mira giggled. "Don't worry about it Lucy. Besides, no offense, but I don't see you doing this by yourself!"

We laughed. "Anyway, the more important question is, have you thought of any names for the baby?" The girls were more excited about the baby than I was! I smiled. "A few, but we don't even know the gender yet." Levy squealed. "Oh I so want it to be a girl!!!"

"Oh yes!"
"I just know it's going to be a girl!" More ear splitting squeals. I couldn't help but smile. Then Juvia gasped. My eyebrows furrowed. "What is it Juvia?"

She looked like she had just realized the most horrifying thing. "Juvia just realized. Lucy doesn't have a room for the baby does she?" We all gasped. "How could I forget?" I face palmed. "Don't worry Lucy!" Happy piped up. "We still have the attic!" We all were left in horror. "The attic..." I mumbled. "Not a fun place for kids..." What kind of parent would I be to shove my kid into the attic... I sniffed

"Uhh... Don't worry Lucy! We can fix it!" Levy scrambled to make me feel better. "Ya! It'll be fun!" Mira patted my back. I smiled. "Alright! Let's get to work!"


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