Clara's P.O.V

I'm running. Running. I'm tired and my feet hurt, but I keep going because if I don't, he'll get me. I let out a sob through my wheezing breaths and turn a corner, spilling onto another empty street. Where are all the people? Why isn't Harry here to help me? But deep inside, I know. It's because he doesn't love me anymore. I'm just used trash to him. I let out another sob and my steps sound like cannonballs in my ears. I run into an allyway that looks empty. But he's there. Waiting for me to approach him. Suddenly, I can't stop moving. I'm being pulled towards him. I'm sobbing and screaming by now, but he sits there with that blank look on his face, watching and waiting for me to reach him. I let out another sob. "No! Let me go! Please, don't hurt me, Jace!"

"Clara, Clara, wake up!" Harry's voice shakes me awake with a gasp. I'm shivering and covered in sweat. I let out a sob of relief.

"Harry, thank God," I cry into his shirt. I can't seem to stop shaking.

"Your okay, love. You're with me. We're going to Florida today, okay? And then we'll finally get a break and we'll go to England. You're going to be fine," Harry promises, his eyes bloodshot. Was he crying?

"I'm so sorry," I whisper. "I don't know what happened. It was just a dream. Did I wake you up?"

"I don't care," Harry whispers. "I just care about you. I hate seeing you like this, Clara."

"I hate being like this..." I tell him, breathing in the comforting scent of Harry Styles.

"We'll get you help, Clara. I promise," Harry says solemnly. I don't reply to that, I just close my eyes and let Harry hold me. It physically pains me to hurt him, but what can I do? When we get to England, I'll see a psychologist about my problem and maybe that'll help. I finally stand and Harry and I start packing for our trip to Florida in a few hours. We change quickly into something more comfortable-which, in my case, was just a sweatshirt and a clean pair of cropped black Free City sweatpants. That shit is comfortable!

Ignoring the aching feeling in my chest, I follow behind everyone else to the elevator. Liam already checked out for all of us--only Liam...--so we just climb into the van and ride to the airport. We go through security and of course we all get hungry--it's twelve thirty, in our defense--so while everyone eats nasty airport food, Harry, Louis, Eleanor, and I get Starbucks frappuccinos and blueberry muffins. It's pretty good. Then we wait for the next twenty minutes for the plane to be ready so we can board the plane. The boys said we were "unlucky because there were only six seats in business class, but there were ten seats in business class." If that's what they call unlucky... I laugh at them and say that it's really no problem and that we can all just sit in business class. They agree dramatically and we board onto business class.

The only other person in business class with us is a really nice girl sitting next to Niall. Her name's Juliet, and she's actually from London. Apparently, this was he connecting flight to Florida, because there was some last-minute problem with the plane she was originally supposed to be on. The only remaining flights were this connecting flight to Florida. She and Niall seem to get along really well, if you know what I mean...She seems like a good person, so it doesn't bother me at all. I'm just glad that Niall's found someone he clicks with. I worry about that sometimes.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, we are getting off the plane and arriving to hundreds of screaming fans at our new hotel. Niall and Juliet exchange numbers and they have really seemed to hit it off so far. I smile at the cute leprechaun. His eyes are alight with excitement when he approaches us.

"I asked her out on a date, and she said yes!" he squeals like a little girl, making me laugh.

"When and where? I need all the deets, Nialler!" Tyler squeals, clapping her hands. 

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