Part 13*

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Shravan had carried Sumo back up because she was extremely tried and put her in the car. He started driving.

Shravan: Sumo, are you ok?

Sumo: Ya Shravan, I'm fine. Its just that I'm very tired, today was a long day. (weakly)

Shravan: Sumooo that's why I told you to rest! But no, when do you ever listen to people! 

Sumo: That's why I told you, you shouldn't have left me alone!!! 

Shravan: Sumo, I wanted to make this special for us so I was getting everything ready!! And for the last time I wasn't out doing work. Nothing is more important to me than you, and I had to make sure that you were ok......Sumo please don't worry about PCT, I promise I won't let anything happen to it.

Sumo: Thank you Shravan. 

Shravan: Sumo, I love you......


Shravan: Sumo?


Shravan looks back at Sumo to find her asleep. 

Shravan: (to himself) Must have been very tired. Stubborn girl doesn't listen to me when I tell her to rest. 

Shravan reaches the Tiwari Killa, Sumo is still alseep so he decides to carry her into the house.  He takes her in the room and places her softly on the bed. He tucks her in and then decides to sit by her for a while. 

He was about to fall asleep by her side when he gets a text from Pushkar.

Pushkar's text: Bhaiya, I didn't want to bother you but this is urgent. I found out some more news about Aditya from a friend.

Shravan is confused and worried after seeing the text. He has to sort this Aditya problem as soon as possible. He takes a long look and Sumo, kisses her forehead and then leaves the room to go to the terrace. When he gets up there he calls Pushkar.

On phone with Pushkar.

Shravan: Hello Pushkar?

Pushkar: Bhaiya, sorry to disturb you but this is very urgent.

Shravan: What happened Pushkar? Why are you so stressed out?? Is everything ok?

Pushkar: Bhaiya I think you were right about Aditya! About Sumo's accident!

Shravan: WHAT!? Pushkar, clearly tell me! What happened?

Pushkar: Bhaiya, me and my friend were going through Aditya's call records. When I saw that he wasn't here when Sumo's accident happened I though that he wasn't behind any of this and that you were over reacting. But then we found out that he had recently arrived back in here. Of course he doesn't have the guts to come anywhere near us, but Bhaiya the messages that he has been sending you, didn't seem alright to me. So I went through his call records and......uhhh.....(hesitant)

Shravan: And what Pushkar?!

Pushkar: Bhaiya, during the time of Sumo's accident he had made several calls to Delhi. And when I traced back those calls I found out that they were made to a contract killer.

Shravan: WHAT!!!!??? Pushkar I am not going to spare that bast**d!!!! HE TRIED TO TOUCH MY SUMO AND NOW HE TRIED TO......... ENOUGH!!! ADITYA AHUJA BE PREPARED TO DIE!!!! (storming in anger)

Pushkar: Bhaiya relax, please!! Aditya is going to pay for all of this! But we cannot come in rage and take any hasty decisions. Listen to me, you have security over at the Tiwari Killa and they are monitoring the entire place. He will not come anywhere near there. 

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