Chapter Ten

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      When I see James get out of his car, he is wearing a nice black suit. His hair was styled so perfectly that it makes all the guys jealous. I wasn't going to lie, he is very good looking. He stops and looks up and we made eye contact. I move from the window as quick as I can but it was too late because he had already seen me and I saw his smile. 

     Once I feel that I look presentable, I put on my mask and walk downstairs. I saw all of the guest, and I really couldn't tell who was who. I used to think movies were so dumb when they couldn't tell who the person was but it was really hard to figure out. 

    I see my parents greeting guests at the door so I walk over to them.

    "You look gorgeous in that dress. I told you that I have excellent fashion." My mother says. I just nod and look around to see where James had went. 

   "What are you doing? You look like a crazy person when you just move your head like that." My dad says, sounding annoyed.

   "I"m looking for someone, I thought I saw my boss." 

   "Yeah he's already inside, we invited him. He's quite handsome, he should have been your date." my mother says, pointing to the punch bowl where James was getting something to drink.

    I ignore her comment and go over to the punch bowl.

    "You know you didn't have to come." I say, grabbing a drink.

   "It would be rude of me to say no to such a lovely party." He says.

   "It wouldn't have been rude." 

   "Should I just leave then? Since you are giving me hints that you don't want me here." He puts down his drink and looks at me. 

   I felt really bad because it did come out wrong. 

   "No, I just didn't want you to feel like you had to, that's it." 

    "Well I'm alright." 

 "Okay then." and with that, I walk away awkwardly. 

 As I'm turning around I see Seth talking with my parents. There looked like there was a problem. I hurry over there just to hear my dad arguing with him.

   "If you do not have an invite, then you are not welcome. Now leave before I call the police."

  I giggle, because Seth is the police, so that would be awkward. 

   "Dad, this is my date, Seth. Calm down." I say, grabbing Seth's arm. 

   My dad just rolls his eyes, and greets the other guest.

  "Thanks for coming to my rescue because that was getting awkward." He says.

   I just laugh slightly, and take him to the table where you can pick up some finger food. 


  After an hour of just chatting and eating, music begins to play and the dance floor clears. I can hear my mother talking on a microphone. 

   "Grab your special someone and join us in a slow song!" I cringe when I hear her voice. 

    "Care to dance, my lady?" Seth says as he holds out his hand and says in an accent. 

    "Why of course, kind sir." I say, laughing and putting my hand in his. 

  The song "Helium" by Sia, comes on and we begin to slow dance. 

  I'm not good with eye contact, so I just mostly look at the ground. But then Seth picks up my chin with his finger, and I see his bright smile that I swore, could fill up the room. 

   "Don't be nervous, just look at me and everything will be okay." He says quietly, and calmly. 

My heart flutters and I do what he says. Everything did end up being okay. 

  Soon the song ends. I step back from Seth and look around the dance floor. I was smiling because I was so happy when I connect eyes with someone I recognize. My heart starts to beat fast when I realize that it was my Uncle. 

   The uncle. 

  He sickly grins at me. I can feel my heart start to race and my palms get sweaty. 

  "Allison, are you okay? Your face has gone pale." Seth says in a worried tone. 

   "Yes, I am okay. I just need to use the restroom." I begin to walk away and I can hear footsteps behind me. I know that it is my uncle. So I begin to walk faster. 

   I start running up to my bedroom, and as I am I look behind me where my uncle was following close behind. 

   At that moment, I'm running to my bedroom. Once I make it there, I close it and lock it. Just a few seconds later I hear the floor creak, letting me know someone is near my door. 

   "Get away from me!" I yell out, and at this point, I am sobbing. 

  "Allison, it's just me. Open the door." 

  At that point, I realize that it's not my uncle. I slowly unlock the door and open it to see James. He had took his mask off and he had worried eyes. 

   "Are you okay?" He says. 

  At that moment I just fall to the floor and begin to cry. 


   For that moment, James wasn't a stuck up rich guy. Because he fell to the ground with me and held me. I so rarely see this side of him, but when I do, I feel like I am around a different man. 

   "Where did he go, He was right behind me!" I say.

   "When I saw you running up the stairs and some man just slowly following behind, I passed him and I guess that made him back off. But it's okay, he can't get you now." James says, rocking me back and forth. 

   It was quiet, when I hear someone's voice. 


  My heart breaks when I look up to see Seth standing there, looking down at James just holding me. I didn't know what to say. 



     Oooo interesting chapter. In the comments, let me know who's side are you on? Seth or James? And was your heart racing too when her uncle started to follow her? Let me know! Thanks so much for reading! Favorite, fan and comment! 


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