Chapter 10: The Temple of the Lake

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The evening sky was tangerine and the fresh, mountain air was cool and damp. Cail looked over the cliff he stood on and saw a colossal bridge extending from Silman to the north. There was no end to the bridge in sight, but presumably it led to Adalbern. All was peaceful and quiet on the island. Cail felt a sense of serenity and tranquility fall over which he had not felt for a long time. He closed his eyes, reminiscing to all his days on Elona. Cail missed Laney a lot, she always knew how to show him the light in the darkness. He missed being able to roam freely through the village, being in a blissful state of mind.

"I've never had a home, so the act of traveling from place to place is facile to me. You, on the other hand, have never been this far away from your friends and family. You're homesick, are you not?" Cardil asked gazing off into the distance.

"Reading my mind again?" Cail chuckled.

"I told you, I can't read minds. Besides, it doesn't take a mind reader to see you're feeling melancholic." Cail had not realized his sorrow was so obviously displayed. He couldn't help but feel depressed, though. The peaceful, quiet village he had come to know was now engulfed in shadow and darkness while he roamed freely.

"To be frank, I do miss my home," Cail responded. "When I lived on Elona, I always dreamed of venturing to somewhere else. Now that Elona is gone, all I want is to feel the comfort of my own home again. I wish I had appreciated what I had more."

"Everyone undervalues the things they believe they won't lose. Once we gain back what we've lost, we begin to realize how important they really are. You have a passionate and pure attachment to Elona and I know you'll do whatever it takes to reclaim your home. For now, however, I suggest we keep moving. The evening light is beginning to dwindle."

Then a faint screech filled the air. Cail knew this sound, though. He looked up into the sky and saw Emey flying towards him. She gracefully landed just before him, displaying herself proudly before Cardil. Cail ran to her and hugged her thick, feathery chest. "You have a very loyal companion, Cail." Cardil said after a moment.

"She's been by my side ever since I can remember," Cail responded.

Cardil smiled from seeing the joy brought to Cail by Emey's presence. "I propose you fly to Adalbern, since she missed you so much. Adalbern is a peaceful island, untouched by emperor. It will be safe for you to fly to the temple from here. ," said the wizard.

"What about you?" Cail asked.

"Don't worry about me. You'll be training for quite some time, anyways. When you have finished your training, come find me in the village which lies to the east of the lake, Teegra." Cail agreed and then climbed onto Emey's back once more. She shot herself into the air, with Cail hanging onto her for his life. Emey glided gracefully in the sky, occasionally flapping her robust wings to give herself more altitude. Being in the air again helped to restore Cail's vitality. It gave him replenished energy and ardor.

He guided Emey in the direction of the bridge. Just before the sun had set, Cail spotted Adalbern resting on the edge of the horizon. The sky had turned dark by the time they arrived to the island. Adalbern was an undersized island, only as big as the village of Elona itself. Cail could see the lake in the middle of the island and the village to the east of the lake, consisting of just a couple dozen buildings. In the middle of the island was a small speck of land, looking just large enough to hold a small house. Emey descended towards the lake and flew so low that her claws skimmed the surface of the water, causing some to splash up and hit Cail. The water was cool as the air and the breeze chilled Cail. Emey landed on the small islet in the middle of the lake and Cail climbed down from her back.

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