A wild party!

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"Y/N!!!"Lucy yelled
A table flew to her and was about to hit her.....
"Mode dragon ...Fire dragon iron fist!!"Y/n said and destroyed the table.
(Y/n pov)
After I destroyed it i had a tick mark on my head .
"Who the hell threw that table!!?"I yelled
Everyone in the guild stopped then the boys had a blush on their face.
I scanned the room and my eyes stopped at Lucy.I ran to her with tears in my eyes
"LUCY!"I yelled while hugging her
"Y/n!!"she said hugging back and crying
We let go and I headlock her with my arm and she started chocking.
"Y/n what are you doing?!?"she said while trying to get out of my grab
"That's for running away and not telling me!"I said then let go of her
Everyone in the guild was watching and sweat dropping.

(A couple minutes later)
Lucy told me about her adventures in edoless and we talked about some old times.
"Hey how old are you?..Oh im natsu dragneel by the way and how old are you?"a pink harried boy said while blushing.The boys heard and started  souranding her.
"10"I said while sweat dropping
All of a sudden the boys started getting sad.
A girl with red hair came over to me and her eyes widen.
"Y..o.u...you"she sated pointing at me stuttering
"Your sooooo adorable!!!"she said while fangirling and hugging me.
"Girls come over here !!"she said pushing me in front of her.
Tons of girls came over and started complementing me.
A boy with blue or dark black hair started pushing them.
"What's going on here?"
He stopped in front of me he started blushing.
"Aw your so adorable "he said said messing with my hair.
"Hi I am y/n and you are?"I said and started messing with his hair.
"Wow your hair is so soft!"I said excited.
"Im gray fullbuster "he said while blushing
"Ok gray-onii chan~!"I said
All of a sudden Natsu got hit in the head by a kinda old looking man with a black cape and brown hair.
"Hi there Im gildarts but you can call me daddy!"he said
"Ok da--"I said but cana intrupted me by grabbing my hand and leading me to a table.
"Hi Im happy this is carla and Lilly " a blue cat said pointing to two other cats.
"your sooooo adorable! "I said while petting him.
Me and happy started talking and getting along .
"Happy can totally kick Lilly but!"Natsu said
"Lilly can beat happy!"gajeel I met earlier said
Happy got scared but then carla said something that made happy blush.
All the boys started fighting.
"Can someone explain why they are fighting?"carla said
She then looked at me.
(Carly's pov)
"Can anyone explain why they are all fighting?"I said
I looked at y/n .
'Oh now I know why there fighting for her'
(Y/n pov)
"Ill join you gray!!"juvia said about to strip.
"Don't strip!!"Lucy said while covering my eyes
Everybody started fighting and I thought it was fun so I decided to join.
"Ill go join them!"I said skipping towards them.
"Noooo !!"all the girls said but Lucy stopped them.
I spotted Natsu.
"Hey Y/n lets fight! "Natsu said getting in a fighting stance.
"Ok!"I said
"Mode dragon..fight dragon wing attack!"I said while attacking him. He flew to the wall and got knocked out.
"Who else wants some!?"I said grinning.
Soon everyone was fighting and partying. They all soon fell asleep even y/n.
(After the party)
I waked up next up to a sleepy Natsu and saw Lucy awake I waved to her. She walked over and sat next to me.
"So y/n are you gonna?"Lucy said while smiling
"Of course!"I said
She bear hugged me.
"Looks like Natsu is having a nightmare"I said looking at him
Lucy smirked
"Why don't you kiss him to make him feel better?"she said (you don't know anything about romance)
"Ok"I said then giving him a quick kiss on the lips.
He smiled then said something and punched Lucy.
"Hahahahah!"I laughed and then fell asleep.
'I love......................

...This guild! '

Sorry if its bad I ran out of ideas but the next one is gonna be better.
Can you guys give me some ideas .

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