Skye POV

I was only four years old when my mother and father were killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. I wasn't aware of what had happened until the police notified my babysitter. That whole week was gruesome. Being a young child, I was made to rely on adults to take care of me and now that my parents are gone; I was alone. The funeral came and went. Hundreds of people came to pay their respects to my parents; people that I have never met including my 59 year old grandfather. "Hello Skye." a voice said behind me. I looked up and there he was. Edward Williams, my grandfather. He was wearing a striped suit with a red bowtie. His pants matched his suit. I didn't respond back to him. "I'm your grandfather." His hands reached out to me and I backed away. "Don't be afraid. I'm going to take you home with me." Edward said. "No, I want my mommy and daddy!" My four year old self said. I ran away from the home. My treehouse was still my hiding place. I hid there for an hour until my grandfather found me. He didn't say anything until finally he broke the silence. "I know you're scared. Your mother was my daughter and I adored your father. They entrusted me to take care you until you are ready to have your own life. Please, let me take care of you. I'll love you like my own daughter." I finished drying my tears and went with my grandfather. He was very caring and kind towards me. After the funeral, I gathered my clothing and toys in two little Hello Kitty suitcases and walked towards the car my grandfather drove. I slid into the backseat and placed my belt on. As my grandfather drove off, I cried silently. I missed my mother and father. My grandfather stopped the car and walked to my side. I was still crying and hadn't noticed him looking at me. "I promise. I'll love you as my own. Don't be afraid of me." I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him. "Don't leave me." He hugged me back and replied, "I'll never leave you." Little did I know, the next fifteen years would be the best years of my life and it'll end tragically because of one question. 

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