Part 11*

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There was a lot of stuff that Shravan had planned to do for his first official date with Sumo. He's top goal though was to make sure that she knew how much he loved her. He began his mission, to give her the best night of her entire life.

Shravan had almost finished all of the preparations for his date, the last thing that was left to do was to get Sumo ready. He decided the text her and tell her that they would be leaving at around 6 pm. Shravan decided that he would go home at 5 giving both him and her enough time to get ready. It was still 3:00 and he had completed all of the preparations so he decided to fix the PCT problem.

Shravan: (to himself) Aditya, you did the wrong thing messing with Sumo, if you have a problem with me then you should have hurt me. Hurting Sumo was your worst mistake ever........ First things first, I have to think about Sumo's happiness, and that is in PCT.

Shravan decided to go and meet and realtor agent.

In agent's office (Mr. Singhania):

Singhania: Hello Mr.Malhotra! I haven't met you since you helped me win that property case! I must say, if it wasn't for you then I would be on the streets right now.

Shravan: Mr. Singhania please, all I did was fulfill my job and deliver justice.

Singhania: Anyways, you need me to help you with something?

Shravan: Yes, actually there was a plot of land that I wanted to buy. Actually my fiancé (smiling at the thought) has her own catering business which is on that plot. She used to have investors who helped her buy it but they just terminated her contract. She got a notice saying that she would have to empty the place in a week, so I want to buy it before then.

Singhania: Mr. Malhotra, don't worry at all, I will make sure that all of the paperwork is complete within the next five day. The property should be yours before anyone forces you to empty it out.

Shravan: Thank you so much, and please do tell me the price of the plot, I will buy its at any price if I have to.

Singhania: Don't worry Mr. Malhotra, I will send you those details by tonight, and begin the paperwork right away.

Shravan: And one more thing, I want it to be under the name of Suman Tiwari. After our wedding I will have it changed to Suman Malhotra. (smiling)

Singhania: Don't worry, I will do that right away and send you the paper work.

Shravan thanks him and then leaves his office. He gets in his car and starts driving back to the Tiwari Killa. He knows that Suman will never accept this from him, but he has no other choice. He cannot bare to see her dream being destroyed because of his mistakes. He was going to have to figure out a way to convince Sumo, but how? While driving he thinks about his dad, he hadn't gotten the time to ever speak with him ever since his announcement. He makes a U-turn and head to the Malhotra and Associates.

He enters the office and walks to Ramnath's cabin.

Shravan: Papa, are you busy?

Ramnath: Shravan Beta? Not at all, come in!

Shravan: Thank you Papa. Actually I wanted to apologize for yesterday, I know that I should have asked you before announcing such a big thing. But honestly I couldn't control myself, I couldn't see Sumo being insulted by anyone.

Ramnath: Shravan, why are you apologizing?

Shravan: Because you my Papa, and I should always get your permission. (giving him a smile)

Ramnath: (thinking to himself) What did I do? Shravan trusted me so much and I repaid that by playing with his emotions. How could I have done that? Shravan I promise to give you all of your happiness back. I will tell you the truth because you deserve to know, and as for me, the only thing that I deserve is your hatred. A man like me does not deserve a son like you.

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