Part 8*

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Sumo gets a discharge from the hospital after Shravan gets a debrief from the doctor about all of the things that Sumo needs to get better. The Malhotra's go back to the Malhotra Mansion to begin preparing for tomorrow's party and the Tiwari's go home to welcome Suman. Pushkar stays back with Shravan to bring Sumo back home. Pushkar decided to call Kamini and inform them on their plans.

Pushkar: Hello Mumma? Ya, we are going to take Sumo home as soon as the doctor approves the discharge forms and can you please send someone over at the Tiwari Killa with Shravan Bhaiya's clothes. He is going to stay over with Sumo until she gets better......Ok bye Mumma!

Kamini is delighted to see that Shravan is going to be staying over with Suman. But little does she know that Ramnath had already given permission for Suman and Shravan to be together.

Tiwari Killa

Shravan and Pushkar, on each side of Sumo, help her get out of the car and walk her into the house! The entire place is decorated by the one and only Dubbo on the arrival of his precious Suman didi. Nanaji, Masiji, Masaji, Mamiji, and Mamaji along with Preeti welcome Suman into the house.

Nanu: Beta I think you should take her to the room, she must be tired and needs rest.

Shravan: Ya Sumo, Nanu is right, lets go to the your room.

Nanu: All of you guys go back to your work, Suman needs rest and no one will disturb her.

The rest of the family starts working and preparing for tomorrow's party. Shravan gives a smile to Sumo and helps her walk to her room. As soon as the door of her room opens Sumo gets a flashback of the night of the wedding. She stops walking and Shravan looks at her and he sees her eyes full of fear. Sumo just stands there, all she can see is Aditya trying to kiss her, forcing himself on her, and touching her.

Sumo: Aditya.....Adi---- (she mutters silently and full of fear)

Shravan: Sumoooo, Sumo look there is no one here, and Aditya will never ever come back ok? I promise he will never lay his eyes on you, let alone his hands. Please Sumo, you trust me right?

Sumo: Yes Shravan, I trust you. But Aditya-----

Shravan: He is long gone from all of our lives, don't you worry.

Shravan and Sumo smile at eachother and continued to walk into her room. Shravan picks her up and lays her down on the bed. He tucks her in and adjusts all of her pillows.

Shravan: Sumo you rest, I'm going to be right outside of your room, if you need anything let me know. I'll just help Mamiji and Mamaji with preparation for tomorrow ok?

Sumo: Shravan? Can you stay here with me. I don't want to be in this room alone.

Shravan: Sumooo I told you Aditya will never come back, you don't have to be afraid of him. But if you want me to stay then-------

Sumo: Shravan I know you will never let anythig happen to me. But I also know that you haven't slept in 2 days. Please you need just as much rest.

Shravan: Ok fine, I'll stay here with you.

Shravan pulls one of Sumo's chairs and makes himself comfortable. Sumo closes her eyes as she is still under medication and Shravan looks at her and smiles. Shravan has a flashback from the Doctor's office.

FLASHBACK: at hospital

Doctor: Mr. Shravan, I must say you are such a loving friend. Miss Suman is extremely lucky to have you.

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