Part 6*

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Pushkar and Shravan were engrossed in deep thought. The point that Shravan had brought up was valid. How and why would Aditya text Shravan and why did he text him when Sumo was missing and Shravan was out on the look out for her. Different theories and conspiracies popped up into both of their minds. But at the same time, they felt they were taking matters to a whole new level. Aditya wouldn't try and harm Sumo would he? But every time this question came up, all they could think about was the incident from the night of the wedding. Pushkar and Shravan we both sitting in confused, angered, and perplexed at the complexity of the issue that laid infront of them.

Shravan: Think about it Pushkar, if your driving a car and see someone run out onto the road what would you do, stop or change paths right? And lets say that you aren't able to stop because the person came in front of your car out of nowhere, but you would at least break.

Pushkar: I agree Bhaiya.

Shravan: And even if you miss the break and hit the person, you would slow down or stop and make sure the person was ok, and even if the driver got scared and didn't want to get involved in a police case, they would show some form of reasponse after hitting the person.

Pushkar: Your right Bhaiya, if this truly was a accident and even if the driver feld, there should have been some sort of response. Bhaiya, you were there! And you witnessed this accident taking place. What exactly happened?

Shravan closed his eyes and tried to recall every detail from the accident. But the only thing that kept replaying in his mind was Sumo's moment of impact. No matter how hard he tried he could not get it out of his mind. Seeing the most precious thing that he possessed being hit so hard. Then it struck him, was she really even his? After all, it was him that broke all the ties that they shared. Both of their famous friendship, and the unsaid love between them.

Pushkar: Bhaiya? Anything? Even the smallest clue can help.

Shravan: All I remember is Sumo running out onto the road and before I could do anything more the SUV came and hit her and droves off straight in its path as if nothing had happened at all.

Pushkar: Do you remember what the SUV looked like? The license plate? Anything?

Shravan: It was a white SUV, I didn't have anytime to see anything more. All I was focused on was Sumo. Pushkar you have no idea what I had witnessed and how I brought Sumo to the hospital. Leaving her in the back seat all by herself. I didn't want to let go of her one bit, but taking her to the hospital was important.........Pushkar, when I picked her up, her was unconscious, but despite that, and eveything that had happened, somehow she was holding my hand. When I put her in the car, I realized that she had a tight grasp on me. All I know is that she trusted me. And I am not worthy of that anymore.

Pushkar: Bhaiya, why do you keep saying that?! Everything is going to be fine. You love Sumo na, if you want her back you will have to put aside your ego and treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Bhaiya trust me, all of these years she was waiting for you.

Shravan went back into a flashback of their golden childhood together. Sumo had once made Shravan wait for hours to give her the notes back. Sumo laughed at him when she found out that he was standing by the roadside all day. Shravan felt insulted, but never took it to his heart for he loved her. "I will never wait for anyone," she said. The same girl that had told him once that she would never wait for anyone had waited 10 years for his return.

Ever since Shravan's return and patch up with Sumo, Shravan had never gotten the time to think about how much his Sumo had changed. But now, when he was sitting in the hospital chair, without sleeping for days, he had the time to notice all of the things that were different about this Sumo. Shravan knew as a child that her parents had passed away, but did not understand the reason why she behaved the way she still till now. Nanu loved her a lot and the rest of her family gave her support, but Shravan did not ever think about the differences between being raised by your own parents and by someone else. Shravan had spent his life under his dad's eyes, he cared about Shravan, gave him the things he wished for, and even opened a law firm for him to work at. But Sumo, she had none of that, no support or love from a mother or father and nothing that she could go back to. She had worked hard to open PCT, clearly all by herself. Suddenly he remembered the night PCT was closed, Pushkar had come up to taunt him about his doings, he had mentioned that Sumo went through a lot of hardships to open PCT but Shravan, her best friend, knew none of this.

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