Part 5*

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Nanaji and Ramnath exited the room leaving behind Shravan with Suman. Ramnath soon began to realize that Suman was not at any fault here. She had done what she promised. She pushed Shravan away and even sacrificed her true love for the sake of Preeti and Pushkar. Ramnath begins to feel a little guilty, maybe if he had just said no to Shravan none of this would have happened. Shravan had never gone against his Papa's will after all. Ramnath sighed and left the hospital. A lot of work was pending and there wad no way that Shravan was even going to think about the pending cases.

The nurses entered Suman's room to do a set of routine tests. She asked Shravan to exit for a period of 20 minutes. Shravan was hesitant to let her out of her sight for even 1 minute, but he had to comply to the nurses and doctors. He took one last look at her, patted her head, and left the room.

Preeti had been discharged and Pushkar had a bright smile on his face along with the rest of the family. They saw Shravan walking out. He had changed into a fresh shirt that Pushkar had told Vandy to bring. Though the marks of blood were wiped off of his body, Shravan faced clearly showed the pain. Upon seeing everyone, Shravan up put a weak smile and hugged Pushkar.

Shravan: Congratulations Preeti, Pushkar! Sorry I am the last to say this to you.

Preeti: Shravan, please, I know you have gone through a lot, and me and Pushkar can wait to celebrate this joy until Suman Di gets better.

Pushkar: Yes Bhaiya, we have a LOT of time to celebrate (winking at Preeti who is blushing)

Shravan: So I'm going to become a "Bade Papa"?

Preeti: Yes Shravan you will become a Bade Papa!! I can't wait to tell Suman Di that she is going to be a Masi!!

Pushkar: Are you sure that she will be a Masi? (smirking at Preeti who understands what Pushkar is trying to get at, Shravan remains confused)

Shravan: Of course she's going to be a Masi, not Mami right?

Preeti: Yes for now. (smiling)

The rest of the family comes towards Shravan and inquires about Suman's health. Shravan calmly explains to them the situation and complications. He tell everyone about Suman's weak body and the fact that she cannot be left alone at any time. Mamiji and Mamaji listen and agree to everything that Shravan says.

Mamiji: Shravan beta, if you don't mind can you stay with Suman until she gets better? Last time you were able to bring her back to good health and I'm 100% that as long as you are with her, we will get our old Suman back quickly.

Mamaji: You stole what I was going to say Manju, please Shravan beta. It would be very good if you could stay with her.

Shravan: Mamiji, Mamaji, why are you even asking me? Please order me, you know I have always consider you family. I will never say no to anything you say. Don't worry at all about Sumo, I will not leave her side until she gets better.

Mamiji: Thank you beta, I don't know how we will ever repay you.

Shravan: What are you saying Mamiji? Please stop! You guys must be very tired, Pushkar I think you should drop everyone back home.

Preeti: Shravan is right Pushkar you go and drop everyone home.

Shravan: Preeti, I'm talking about you and Pushkar too. You need rest.

Pushkar: Preeti, Bhaiya is right. You shouldn't be taking anymore stress in this condition.

Preeti: PUSHKARRR! Ok fine, I will go home. But Pushkar you must stay here with Shravan.

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