Part 4*

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Shravan breaks down, He had been holding himself together this entire night but now he couldn't do it anymore. He gave up and fell to the ground crying. Pushkar enters the room and sees Shravan's state.

Pushkar: Bhaiya! Bhaiya what are you doing? Bhaiya if Sumo sees you like this then she will make fun of you. (trying to lighten the mood and give Shravan some hope) Come on Bhaiya, get up, please!

Shravan: Pushkar I can't see her like this anymore. Please. Do something, save her, I'm begging you.

Pushkar: Bhaiya we will save her. Please don't break like this. (requesting)

Shravan: Really, really? You will save her? Pushkar? (desperately)

Pushkar decides to take Shravan out of the room as the nurses are heading inside. Pushkar supportively brings Shravan out into the hospital hall and seats him down beside Preeti. Pushkar kneels down beside Shravan.

Pushkar: This morning, I told mumma that Sumo is not just Preeti's cousin or my best friend. (Shravan looks at Pushkar confused) I said that she is my sister right?

Shravan nods his head like a little boy trying to understand life.

Pushkar: So my Sumo sister and I have the same blood type. (cheerfully) Bhaiya, nothing is going to happen to our Sumo! My blood matched and I'm going right now to give her a sufficient amount! (excited)

Preeti: PUSHKAR?! Is this true?! (shocked)

Pushkar: Yes Preeti, we both have AB- and I have to go right now and give my blood. (smiling)

Preeti: Pushkar thank you so much, I love you! I love you so so much. (excitedly hugging Pushkar)

Pushkar looks at Shravan who is still putting up a blank face, the nurse calls for Pushkar to come into the room and he gets up and starts following the nurse.

Shravan: Pushkar....

Pushkar: (stops and turns around) Yes Bhaiya? (concerned)

Shravan: How will I ever repay you? (innocently asking)

Pushkar: Shut up Bhaiya (and walks off into the room)

Shravan is shocked and thinking, what a friend Pushkar is. He was far better to Sumo then Shravan had ever been. And right now Pushkar was giving her a new life, while Shravan had destroyed it. All he could think of was their friendship. It was true that he loved her, loved her more than anything on the surface of this earth. But before love, he was her best friend. And somewhere in the middle of all of this chaos, he had forgotten that.

Shravan: (whispering to himself in front of the ER) Sumo, you trusted me right? You said that I would never let you fall. That I would catch you. That I would always be with you. I'm sorry Sumo. I'm sorry that I proved you wrong. I pushed you, pushed you and dropped you and broke your trust. (crying)

Suddenly the nurse that was in the ER, monitoring Suman rushes out.

Nurse: Doctor! Doctor! The patient's pulse is dropping!

Shravan stared at her, as the doctor rushed inside with another nurse. He had nothing left to say or do but wait. He knew that there was either good news or bad news coming. But he was only waiting for the good news, for he knew what he would survive hearing the bad. Slowly Shravan dropped to the ground. Preeti continued to cry loudly. Shravan couldn't do anything to console her for he was far more shattered. Puskhar came out of the other room with a bandage around his arm.

Pushkar: Bhaiya! Preeti! What happened? Why are you crying!! I told you na, Sumo will be fine! Please! Please guys! Everything is going to be fine!

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