Part 2*

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Malhotra Mansion. 

Shravan is tensed inside his room.

Shravan: What did I just do? Sumo, Sumo if anything would have happened to you I would have never been able to forgive myself. What am I saying? Why do I care what happens to that egoistic girl. I hate her. I hate you Sumo. But Aditya. YOU ARE NOT FORGIVEN. Just because last night Nanu stopped me and ending this matter doesn't mean that I am done with you. You will have to pay for the damage you have done. And Sumo, well this is what you get. Why should I feel guilty, this is what you deserve. For no one to love you because you have no sense of respecting love. You picked Aditya over me right, then this is what you get. If you had picked me, then none of this would have happened.

Preeti and Pushkar reach PCT

Preeta: Oh my, Preeti Puskhar! You guess? What are you guys up to?

Pushkar: Nothing Preeta, we were in the area and thought to come by and check on Sumo! Where is she, I can't see her?

Preeta: She came early in the morning to open up, but as soon as the rest of the employees started arriving she said she had an important task and left.

Preeti: But do you know where she went or when she will come back?

Pushkar: And it's 12:00, what has she been doing for 4 hours. Did she say was what the task was?

Preeta: No Preeti, she didn't say anything. Once the people started rolling in around 8:00 she just left.

Pushkar: Let me try and call her.

Pushkar calls and the phone starts ringing inside of PCT

Preeta: This girl!! She left her phone here, now how will we contact her?!

Preeti: Pushkar, I'm scared. Please do something.

Pushkar: Preeti, your forgetting we are talking about Sumo here, she is stronger then all of us combined! She might have forgotten her phone in a hurry. Don't worry, and you know how passionate she is about her work, she might have had something come up. Don't worry.

Preeta: Yes I'm sure some work came up, or Sumo never leaves like this. Don't worry Preeti.

Pushkar: I think she might have wanted a little space. Its ok Preeti, relax. Lets go home now. Preeta, if Sumo comes please give me a call.

Preeta: Don't worry, as soon as she comes I will give you a call.

Pushkar and Preeti head back home. Shravan is sitting in the garden.

Preeti: Pushkar, are you sure everything will be alright, I'm very worried.

Shravan hears Preeti and Pushkar talking as they enter the house and is confused.

Pushkar: Preeti, how many times do I have to tell you, Sumo is a fighter. She needs space, and we should leave her alone.

Shravan: What happened Preeti, why are you so tensed.

Preeti: Actually Shravan, Suman Di was not at PCT.

Shravan: (tensed) What do you mean she was not at PCT? Where is she?

Pushkar: Preeta said that she came to PCT early in the morning, but she left around 8 and still hasn't been back. She didn't tell Preeta where she was going and when I called her, we found out that she left her phone in PCT.

Shravan: What? Where could she have gone?

Preeti: Shravan I'm really stressed out, I don't know what to do.

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