BONUS: Some Damn Scones With Levi

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The scones smelled like vanilla and almond–they came out perfect and I am insanely proud of myself. Derek would be proud. In fact, on that thought, I whip out my phone to take a picture, because these gold brown beauties that Levi and I are going to probably eat all of them.

No, we were. I nod as my Mr.Coffee coffee pot beeps, letting me know that liquid gold its been brewing is ready.

I started to pour myself a cup then mix it with some milk. The sound of the movie 'Beetlejuice,' playing in the background and I thought to myself that this has to be Michael Keaton's best work.

My coffee is strong and smooth, perfect to taste. I grabbed a cup and started to pour Levi one when there's a knock on the door.

"Coming!" I called out as I rushed to look and see who it is, but I already knew. He's perpetually five minutes early to everything–fashionably as he would say.

"Levi, come on in."

"Well morning little author girl," he said with a tired smile. He hugged me then looks around, his eyes spotting the coffee. "I've trained you well girly."

I let out a breathy laugh as I closed the door. "Sure you have, how are you?"

"Oh, just dandy," he said with a tired smirk before he took a long sip of his coffee. "

"Why? Oh, I made scones by the way."

"I see that," he said as he looked them over. "They safe to eat?"

I gave him a long look and moved back to my coffee. "Very funny."

"Well I'll take two them, if I die then have fun dealing with Charlie girl," he replied with a little laugh but a sliver of fear runs up my spine because I have no desire to ever meet the wrath of Charlotte Thorne.

"So what's going on?"

"Oh just the usual–Lander tried to steal my damn mug so I glued his to his desk amongst other things..."

I set the plates down on the island where he's taken up a stool to sit on, then move to get us some forks. "You're ridiculous," I said with a shake of my head. I shivered then took a long sip of my coffee.

"So I have a problem...."

"Yap?" he replied as he took a bite of his scone. "Damn these are good."

"Thanks, I made extra too because I figured you could take some back to Lander–"

Levi barked out a laugh. "To hell with that, but thank you little author girl, now what were you saying?" he asked as he took another big bite of the scone.

"Well, I have a problem."

"Mmm?" he hummed with an arched brow as he walked over to his seat and slid back onto it.

"Ok, so it's not really a problem–I don't know."

"Dammit girly, just spit it out."

"Alright," I sighed out before I took a long sip of my coffee. "Ok so I have quite a few people, a lot actually, that are re-reading the books."

"That's a good thing though little Zee," he pointed out.

"It is," I rushed out. "I mean it's like, insane to me–all of this, and I honestly–I don't know, it's really an incredible feeling to see people re-reading everything."

"But?" he prodded.

"But, many of them are dropping spoilers, hints, or they are commenting things that I am sure they don't realize is a spoiler, but it is..."

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