Chapter 4: Rescuing Sarah

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Peter jumped off his bed, rushed towards Hogarth's bed, and shook Hogarth, frantically whispering, "Hogarth! Hogarth!" Hogarth quickly sat up and angrily whispered, "What now?! Can't you see that I'm trying to sleep?!" "That can wait, Hogarth!" Peter snapped quietly. "When I took off, I ended up dragging Sarah outside with me! That's when we encountered Chris, Z's friend, so I took off! And, I forgot about Sarah!" "What were you thinking...?!" Hogarth asked, exhausted. "You shouldn't have left the house in the first place... Honestly..." "What are you guys arguing for....during the Hourglass?" A voice mumbled. Cassidy sat up slowly. Her bed is next to Hogarth's bed. "Peter here has left the basement to look for the 'shadowy figure' in the forbidden woods." Hogarth told Cassidy. "And, NOW he want to save his girlfriend." "Sarah isn't my girlfriend, Hogarth!" Peter whispered through gritted teeth. "Why would you think that?!" "Who else would talk to her almost everyday?" Hogarth asked impatiently. "Give us all a break, man! We're all tired, and you should be too!" "GUYS! Sarah is gonna easily get herself KILLED if we don't fricking help her!" Peter whispered, losing it. "Can't you guys have the hearts to be less.......ruthless?!" "Screw it, man!" Hogarth snapped quietly, getting up and pushing Peter on the chest. He is wearing a black, short sleeved shirt and black shorts that stretches down to his knees. "If you wanna kill yourself over that dumb blonde, I won't stop you!" He continued, quiet, but enraged. "So, don't wake me up because of your...!" Peter angrily grabbed Hogarth by the neck collar, angrily whispering, "I'd expect your hatred for Sarah to continue. That's pretty much the way you are!" Hogarth grabbed Peter's wrists and forcefully pulled his hands away from his neck collar. Peter stared at him with rage while Cassidy watched in shock. "If you won't help me find Sarah," Peter whispered, calm, but cold, "then, I will. I'm leaving home again and I'm going to save Sarah. Good riddance!" Peter walked over to his bed, grabbed his clean clothes, climbed onto the bed, and opened the window. Cassidy got off her bed and grabbed Peter by the wrist. "Peter, wait." She said. She is wearing a pink nightgown. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but Hogarth has a good point. She might've already died from the Hourglass, and it's probably too late." Peter lightly pulled his wrist away from Cassidy. "So, neither of you care, huh...?" Peter said, saddened. "Pffft. I'd expect that response from you two. Goodbye." He slowly opened the window, climbed through it, and crawled out. He walked off, unaware that Hogarth and Cassidy are following him from afar. Peter anxiously looked around, hoping that he won't become wolf food. He walked passed a couple of houses, still not realizing that Hogarth and Cassidy are following him. Peter stopped at a portable bathroom and changed into his clean clothes and then continued walking. Crack! "HAAAAAAHH!!!" Peter screamed, turning around. He finally noticed Hogarth and Cassidy. He stomped towards them and said, "What?! What is it?!" "You're not going to find Sarah alone." Hogarth said sternly. He is wearing his clean clothes: a brown shirt under a black zipped up jacket and dark blue jeans. Cassidy is also wearing her clean clothes: a red, long sleeved shirt with black pants. "If you're gonna fight werewolves, don't do it without us!" Hogarth continued. ".....Oh, wait. We can't fight the werewolves, can't we?" "Nope. The megacorporation will have our heads." Cassidy replied. "Well...they'll have YOUR head since you disobeyed them!" "The megacorporation isn't going to know, Cassidy!" Hogarth snapped, shockingly defending his brother. "They don't have any security cameras in the woods! So, how would Peter get in trouble?!" Cassidy and Peter stared at Hogarth intensely. "Oh, god...!" Peter uttered fearfully, as he saw a black wolf behind Hogarth and Cassidy running towards them, violently growling. They turned around and saw the wolf. Peter screamed, "RUUUUUUN!!!!" They all started running off frantically with the wolf chasing them. Although, Peter is limping. His leg is still wounded from the earlier wolf attack. Hogarth grabbed Peter's arm and held it around his shoulders while Peter cried out, "Ow, ow, ow, ow! Knock it off, 'garth!" "DO YOU WANNA BE A DEADMAN??!!!!" Hogarth shouted. "OR DO YOU WANNA LIVE ANOTHER MONTH OF HOURGLASSES?!!?" "MONTH OF HOURGLASSES???!!!!" Peter shouted. "THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!" "SHUT UP AND KEEP RUNNING, YOU TWO!!!" Cassidy snapped with both anger and fear. "THIS DOG IS GONNA RIP US APART IF YOU KEEP CONSTANTLY BICKERING!!!" "HOLY $#!+!!!!" Peter screamed. Everyone stopped dead on their tracks and saw a young man with his stomach ripped open and his intestines sticking out of it with the tip resting next to his hip. His eyes, wide open, stared at the night sky. Cassidy shrieked a shrill shriek. "WHAT THE HELL?!!!" Hogarth shouted. But, before they could continue freaking out, the growling sounds behind them grew louder. "RUN, RUN, RUN!!" Cassidy shouted repeatedly. The three frantically ran with Peter's arm around Hogarth's shoulders. "#%@$ IT, HOGARTH!!" Peter screamed. "WHY DID WE HAVE TO RUN IN THIS DIRECTION?!!" "Hey, we followed you!! So, don't blame us!!" Hogarth shouted. The trio continued running until they made it to the neighborhood's exit. But, the gate is closed. The Unums live in a gated community. "No... No, no, no, no, no, NO!!!" Peter shouted. "How is this possible?! It was open when I left!!" "Then, you shouldn't have left, you idiot!!" Hogarth snapped. "We can't be here any longer! We have to get back home!! Sarah will be fine!" "SHUT UP!! SHE COULD BE IN DANGER!!" Peter screamed. "The werewolves could already be chasing her right NOW!! We can't give up!!" "Dude! There are spears everywhere on our neighborhood's gate!" Hogarth insisted impatiently, letting go of Peter and standing in front of him. "On the side of our neighborhood, behind our backyard, EVERYWHERE!!! We have to go back home!!" Cassidy just stood there horrified. "What, what's wrong!" Hogarth asked, noticing Cassidy. "How could you forget already?!!" Cassidy yelled fearfully. "The window is locked from the inside! And, Mom and Dad aren't gonna wake up!! The window is soundproof!!" Both Peter and Hogarth stared at her with horrified expressions. "You serious?!" Hogarth asked. "You're absolutely seriously that we're unaware to walked back home, continuously bang on the window, and live?! You're being serious that we're trapped outside with werewolves that are gonna MAUL us, and since we can't fight back, we have no chance for survival what so ever, and we're gonna DIE BECAUSE OF PETER'S STUPIDITY?!!!!? IS THAT IT?!!!!!" "EVERYBODY SHUT UP!!!" Peter screamed, his leg feeling a lot better. "We....We just have to find a place to stay until the Hourglass ends! And, I'm sure we'll be okay!" He is trembling inside though. Grrrrrrrr! Hogarth turned to his left and saw another black wolf running towards them. "GUYS, LET'S GO!!" He screamed, as he, Peter and Cassidy started running. "OH, GOD!! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO FRICKING HAPPEN?!?!!" "JUST KEEP RUNNING!!!" Peter shouted. The trio ran across the street in between multiple houses on the left and a large basketball court on the right. The wolf is still behind them. "WHY CAN'T WE JUST FIGHT BACK?!?!" Cassidy screamed. "You know the rules! We can't fight the werewolves!!" Peter snapped. "The megacorporation will force us off a cliff if we do that! KEEP RUNNING!!" The trio turned to their right, turned right again, and hid behind the side of a one-story house. They sat down on the ground as the wolf ran by. "This isn't a good enough place to hide, guys." Peter whispered, frightened. "The wolf will find us even if we hide!" "And, who's fault is THAT?" Hogarth asked, irritated. "YOURS! That's what! This is such a load of bullcrap!" "HEY, at least I'm doing the right thing!" Peter snapped. "You wouldn't understand! Sarah means a lot to me! Wouldn't you do the same for me or Cassidy?!" Hogarth stared at him blankly. "We still don't have any chance of survival." He sighed. "And, we can't just barge into someone's house when nobody will allow ANYone in no matter how hard we yell. They won't trust us!" "Calm down, guys! We'll find a way to stay alive!" Cassidy snapped quietly. "We just need to stay together! And, try to find a place to stay!" Suddenly, a loud voice from a nearby PA system filled the air:


"We made it through the first night." Peter said, not enthusiastic about it. "But, we'll still never make it! 15 days is bullcrap!" "Hey! You're the one who brought us out here!" Hogarth snapped. "And, now you're getting us out!" "WILL YOU STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT ME BEING THE CAUSE OF ALL THIS?!!!?!" Peter screamed. "I didn't do anything wrong!! YOU GUYS SHOULDN'T BLAME ME FOR WHAT YOU DID!!!!!" "BOTH OF YOU NEED TO SHUT THE HELL UP!!" Cassidy shouted, without realizing it. "We can't let us get caught by a wolf. If they catch us, it's curtains!"

Pardon the interruption, but I, Mr. X, forgot to explain something: Lycanthrope Corp. (the megacorporation) has control over the moon. In order to create a perfectly initiated Hourglass, Lycanthrope Corp. and the Department of Hourglass services sent their astronaut division to the moon and placed antennas on every side of it, giving Lycanthrope Corp. and their Department full control of the moon's movement. Let's continue the story, shall we?

"YOU'RE one to talk!" Peter blurted out angrily. "You haven't been defending EITHER of us!! And besides, we'll get caught by a wolf regardless of where we hide!!" Grrrrrr!! Peter was interrupted by the sound of loud growling. "PLEASE tell me that sound is someone's stomach!" Peter cried. A red figure peeked over the side of the house. Hogarth noticed the red figure and immediately whispered, "Nobody. Move." Everyone stared at Hogarth in confusion. Then, the red figure vanished, relieving Hogarth. "What was that all about?" Peter asked, calming down. "Did you see a werewolf?" "Yeah, but it had red fur!" Hogarth cried. "I thought there were only werewolves with BLACK fur! But, I saw one with RED fur!!" "I saw it too...!" A voice said fearfully. "I didn't recognize it at first, but I realized it was a special type of werewolf." The trio looked straight ahead and saw Chris Tenebris and Sarah K. Morland.

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