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I sat at my desk brain storming for a book when all of a sudden I hear my younger brother yelling for me."Ember!" he screamed. I sprinted into his room scared of what he is sick with this week. My nine year old brother is a sickly child. When I got to his room I was relived to see he was not dubbled over throwing up. Instead he's up against the window."Whats up buttercup." I said. " Guess who's here." he said in a excited voice." It can't be dad or doc or Lily .So that leaves mom." I said. My parents divorced four years ago. I was thirteen years old and Caleb was just five. " Ding, ding ding we have a winner." he said before we ran down stairs. In the doorway was my mother Rebecca she had her brown hair in a bun and I her hands where groceries and presents from her recent trip to Italy ." Hi guys, how are you" she said walking into the kitchen." I've been sick for a week." said Caleb." Poor baby do you feel better now?" Rebecca asked in a very concerned voice." I'm fine mom no need to worry." He said." Good how about you Ember?" She asked but imminently knowing the answer." Anyway I brought presents for you." Rebecca said handing us each a box. I let Caleb go first. Inside his box was a Italian superhero action figure." Thank you I love it so much." He said in an excited voice. He ran off into the living room to play with his new toy." Your turn." Rebecca said pushing the box closer to me. I starred at the box. I opened the box and inside was a pair of earrings and they where shaped as lilies." Thank you mom." I said." I also have the other gift." She said handing me an envelope filled with money to last us one month of food and gas. Although my parents were divorced Rebecca paid for every expense." Thank you so much." I said giving her a large hug." how's you father." She asked." He has a 75 precent chance of living."


This book fiction. Names,dates, and places are made from imagination of the author. All rights reserved

I remember when we found out my father had lung cancer. I was eight and Caleb was only one. My mother was devastated and that's how I had to practically raised Caleb. Now seventeen I quit school to work minimum wage at the nearest grocery store and take care of Caleb when he's sick.

After a movie and a pizza Rebecca left to go on some date." I love how my mother has a boyfriend and I don't." I said to myself. Around eightish I went to check on Caleb. When I got to his room he was starring at his glow in the dark star covered ceiling." Why are you still awake?" I asked " Come lay with me." he said. I did what I was told at laid in his bed also staring at the stars." I love stars." He said never taking his eyes off the ceiling." Why?". " Because they never change. They have a chance to be amazing." He said." You can be amazing too. And you already are." I said giving him a kiss on the forehead.

The next day Caleb went to school and I went to work. It was any normal day at the store. People come and go. On my lunch brake I was interrupted by my boss Georgie." Ember good your here. I want you to meet our new employe Ace Lace .And you will be training him." Said Georgie." Ok. Fine. Wonderful. Great. Awesome. Sure. Amazing." I said. Ace sat down at the table."So Ember I was wondering sense we're going to work together I was hoped you would go to dinner with me?"

After the rest of my shift showing Ace how to work the cash register. I left in a hurry because I need to know how Caleb's day was and I need to know if Rebecca could watch Caleb while I was getting to know Ace. Once I got home I rushed to Caleb's room to find him at his desk doing homework. I remember when Caleb was never sick. He was so full of life and love even in the hard times. After checking on him I ran down stairs to call Rebecca."Sorry honey I'm going to be at book club but I will make it up I promise. love you." Rebecca said. Before I could say I love you back she hung up. Instead I called my friend Indigo( yes all of my friends have weird names)." Caleb Indigo is coming to watch you while I'm out." I yelled to Caleb from downstairs."Ok." he yelled back. I got and changed out of my red polo shirt into a rose pink long sleeve shirt.

At five Ace picked me up. Instead of dinner we went to see a movie I forgot it's name. On the way home we actually got to talk to each other." So what was your last job?" I asked." A waiter but I did not like it because the kitchen was so cold." he said back. I looked at him. He had a fare amount of muscle how could he be so cold?" So what do you what to be when your older?" he asked. "Writer." I said "Nice". When we got to my house he stopped in front of the door." Um see you tomorrow." he said. "Ok" I said back. He leaned forward to give me a kiss on my cheek. But at that moment Indigo opened the door." There you are!" she said "Hello I'm Indigo who are you?"

"I'm Ace. And see you at work tomorrow Ember." Said Ace giving me a hug of some sort.Then Indigo pulled me into the house." God Ember how did you meet this dude. And dose he have a brother?" asked me while we sat down on the couch." Im training him at work and he has a older brother named Nile." I said. Indigo was about a year older than me. We meet at Sunday school along with the rest of my friends Mumble( who's real name is Minnie), Samoan(we call her smilie), Hazel and Lily." OMG I'm in love already!" said Indigo.

When I finally fell asleep all I could think of was Caleb because he's only nine and he's gone through so much. Although he has not seen pain like I have.

The next morning I decided to go to work early. I sent Caleb off on my way to work. When I got to the shop I went through the employee entrance. I always hated how dark and frightening it looked in the early morning. When I reached the hallway leading to the brake room I noticed that the janitors closet was slightly opened. I pushed the door to see if anything was wrong. What I saw was a human body.Omg some mental person put a dead body in the frecking closet. Then it moved. Not dead ."Ace?" I asked. He woke up at the sound of me saying this."Ember?" He said looking ashamed." It's ok." I said extending my hand towards him. At that moment he a tear trickled down his face."Its ok."

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